Job Overview


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The Civil Division, with more than 1,000 attorneys and 14 litigating components, represents the United States, its departments and agencies, Member of Congress, Cabinet officers and other Federal employees.  The Federal Programs Branch litigates on behalf of approximately 100 Federal agencies, the President, and Cabinet officers, and other Government officials.  Among its various responsibilities, the Branch handles sensitive and high-profile litigation matters in federal district courts, defending against constitutional challenges to federal statutes; suits to overturn Government policies and programs; and attacks on the legality of Government decisions.  These cases typically seek injunctive and declaratory relief, and vary from suits involving the personnel practices and policies of the Government to matters involving the national security and foreign relations.  The Branch also initiates litigation to enforce regulatory statutes and to remedy statutory and regulatory violations.  The Director provides oversight of this litigation and provides critical supervision of and guidance to attorneys and support staff. 


The incumbent serves as one of the three managing Branch Directors responsible for supervising litigation challenging the constitutionality or legality of government policies, programs or actions.  Provides managerial and legal expertise to the Branch, including the management of human and material resources.  Supervises and handles major cases in courts throughout the country.   Works closely with federal personnel outside the Branch and throughout the Executive Branch, teaming with agency clients on high-stakes cases that require leadership, expertise and diplomacy.  Analyzes and reviews proposed and pending legislation which may affect the Branch's areas of expertise.  Advises and counsels Division and Department officials on internal and external policy and legal issues.  Represents the Assistant Attorney General to the officials and judges of the applicable courts in connection with all matters arising within the Branch. 

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No