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This position is located in Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA), Office of Civil Enforcement (OCE), Air Enforcement Division, Stationary Source Enforcement Branch, Washington, DC.  
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You will:
- Serve as an advisor disseminating information to the public, including regulated industry, coordinate enforcement activities, and provide policy guidance and training to EPA regional, state, local and contract personnel in order to ensure uniform enforcement actions and effective implementation of the clean Air Act.
- Prepare cases for effective enforcement action, prepare communication strategies, and press releases related to case work.  Provide review of proposed enforcement actions including for regulatory/policy and technical sufficiency and accuracy, and identify major concerns and problems.
- Aid in maintaining current enforcement tracking of case files and support.  Prepare accurate and timely penalty calculations.  Participate in settlement negotiations, assist in development of arguments for briefs and provide professional assistance to the Department of Justice in developing cases.
- Have responsibility for administering and resolving complex program and project issues which require a unique understanding of air toxic monitoring including the use of photo ionization detectors and forward looking infrared cameras.  Serve as an expert in evaluating air toxics monitoring data to determine compliance with the Clean Air Act and in air toxics testing procedures used to detect and measure air toxins emissions.
- Develop enforcement policies, guidance, operating procedures, and other relevant documents as required for the Air Enforcement Division.  Ensure a proper enforcement focus in drafting reviewing, and analyzing rules, policies,legislation, policy statements, interpretative guidance, Q&As, and other document that undercut enforceability of regulations.
- Provide programmatic enforcement oversight with references to the Agency's strategic plan and the environmental goals of EPA's enforcement program.  Keep the Region and other regulatory informed regarding significant actions, briefings, and program guidance, etc.

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