Job Overview


The Ohio National Guard seeks to employ high quality applicants for Federal Technician positions. This position requires military membership in the Ohio National Guard.

Military Unit and Address:

2825 W Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43235


This position is located in an information management organization.  The purpose of this position is to manage the development of the state’s enterprise Information Technology (IT) goals, objectives, plans and policies to include identifying business requirements for new systems and developing basic application requirements utilizing systems analysis principles and methods in coordination with area experts.  The work directly supports the C4 requirement for developing and maintaining the state Strategic IT Plan which involves defining the current business and IT environment and projecting future requirements for fiscal and manpower resources for IT personnel and training.


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The Ohio National Guard is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Develops and manages the state IT Plan.  Provides support in the planning and analysis phase to ensure the mission and program management principles are documented.  Ensures the completion and review of life-cycle trends and cost-benefit analysis for installation information systems and support services.  Develops information policies, plans and programs for the state in conjunction with the supervisor and the various division/branch chiefs.  Periodically analyzes existing policies and procedures for application of security and information assurance compliance in all planning and IT management activities.  Reviews applicable NGB, and Joint Technical Architectures for integration into the state IT architecture.  Develops, documents and maintains the state IT architecture in support of the C4 program goals and objectives.

Coordinates the completion of budget management functions in conjunction with all fiscal managers within the organization.  This includes analysis and review of the Annual Funding Program and the impact to the various C4 Program areas.  Prepares management reports and funding status based on the initiatives and objectives for review by the supervisor.  Analyzes and reviews the organization’s projects and policies to ensure compliance with the Enterprise Information Plan objectives.  Schedules and attends meetings and conferences.  Represents the organization at meetings and on committees.  Prepares briefings and reports.  Performs other duties as assigned.

****  A more comprehensive detailed description of the position may be found in Position Description "D1582000" in the employing unit or in the Human Resources Office  ****

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No