Job Overview


The FMWRC mission is to create and maintain "FIRST CHOICE" MWR products and services for America's Army, essential to a ready, self-reliant force.

You can apply for this position using the following options (you must have a resume or use the NAF Optional Application to apply): 1. Preferred - Apply electronically via USAJOBS - This will ensure faster processing of your application. You will also receive faster status updates. Please upload all required documents. Uploaded documents will be processed through the system. You are encouraged to monitor your application status. *You can download the app to your smart phone for easy access and convenience! 2. Fax your resume (and supporting documentation) to (478)757-3144.  The following link will take you to the cover sheet which must be included with the faxed resume or application NOTE: Faxed documents take 2-3 business days to process before they are available in the system for HR to view. To complete the job related questions obtain the Form 1203FX by going to the following link This form must be faxed as a part of your application package for you to be considered for a job. 3. Mail or email your resume (or Optional NAF Application) to the point of contact listed on the vacancy announcement. 4. If you are in the area, you may drop off your resume in person to the servicing CPAC NAF Division.You are highly encouraged to provide all supporting documentation prior to closure of the vacancy announcement. This will speed up the process to consider you for the job if you meet the minimum qualification requirements. IMPORTANT!: Applicants that chose option #3 or #4 as outlined above, must still complete the job related questions either online or manually (faxed) prior to the closing date of the vacancy announcement. If you wish to complete them online, go to the 'apply online' button on the vacancy announcement. If you wish to complete them manually, print the full occupational questionnaire directly from the vacancy announcement and complete and fax the 1203-FX form ( to (478)757-3144. Neglecting to respond to the job related questions will result in an ineligible rating. You may contact the servicing CPAC NAF DIVISION identified on the vacancy announcement for additional assistance.


Through subordinate activity managers, is responsible for overall management and direction of the Directorate, Morale Welfare and Recreation (DMWR) Support Division at a large garrison, to include most of the following activities: NAF Financial Management, Marketing, NAF Major Construction (Requirements Determination), Private Organization, Commercial Sponsorship, NAF Property Management, Internal Review/Management Controls, NAF Supply Warehouse and Maintenance, Public Private Ventures, Information Technology, NAF Contracting, Value Added Taxes, and Hunting, Fishing, and Sport Shooting permits. Provides policies and guidance to ensure attainment of the established objectives of the division. Performs liaison with and coordinates programs with AAFES and other garrison agencies. Directs, develops, and administers plans and procedures; and implements regulations to ensure functions are carried out in accordance with governing laws, policies, regulations, and professional standards of service. Provides leadership and supervision, and communicates mission and organization goals to subordinates. Applies knowledge of programming, planning, and budgeting and long-range MWR resources. Directs and develops finance and accounting operations through various services to include receipt of, distribution of, and accounting for NAF. Maintains accounts showing status of installation allotments, assets, and liabilities. Establishes current and long-range program, considering user desires for program/services, mission, strength, and facilities. Prioritizes programs, program changes, and projects in terms of user needs and affordability. Ensures that program modifications reflect real cost savings, efficiencies, or increased services. Reviews and evaluates progress of program plans to determine whether overall objectives are being accomplished economically with reference to budget and manpower. Analyzes statistical variance data and budget reports to monitor achievement or required operating profits. Measures established program performance standards and objectives, customer relations and satisfaction, personnel utilization and cost limitations. Where adverse trends are developing, initiates studies to determine causes and takes corrective action. Observes each subordinate activity to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and operation, service provided to the community, and conformance to operating standards and regulations. Meets with program/activity managers, coordinates the implementation, and approves plans to meet the garrison objectives and goals by functional area. Establishes and maintains internal control and audit procedures to ensure that personnel and funds are used in accordance with governing regulations. Serves on a variety of activity councils to keep informed of operations and/or to coordinate programs and requirements. Develops the most effective and acceptable approaches and meets with other program/activity managers and others to gain their concurrence and support and to develop innovative joint programs and activities. Serves as the garrison focal point for DMWR Support Management policies and practices. Maintains liaison with off-installation civilian and/or military related social and special service related organizations to explore possibilities of joint provision of services, or utilization of installation facilities and/or services by nearby military installations, or members of the civilian community. 

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Eligible for Centrally Funded PCS Cost