Job Overview


The mission of the Army Athletic Association is to provide an extraordinary Division I Athletic experience that develops leaders of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country.

You can apply for this position using the following options (you must have a resume or use the NAF Optional Application to apply): 1. Preferred - Apply electronically via USAJOBS - This will ensure faster processing of your application. You will also receive faster status updates. Please upload all required documents. Uploaded documents will be processed through the system. You are encouraged to monitor your application status. *You can download the app to your smart phone for easy access and convenience! 2. Fax your resume (and supporting documentation) to (478)757-3144.  The following link will take you to the cover sheet which must be included with the faxed resume or application NOTE: Faxed documents take 2-3 business days to process before they are available in the system for HR to view. To complete the job related questions obtain the Form 1203FX by going to the following link This form must be faxed as a part of your application package for you to be considered for a job. 3. Mail or email your resume (or Optional NAF Application) to the point of contact listed on the vacancy announcement. 4. If you are in the area, you may drop off your resume in person to the servicing CPAC NAF Division.You are highly encouraged to provide all supporting documentation prior to closure of the vacancy announcement. This will speed up the process to consider you for the job if you meet the minimum qualification requirements. IMPORTANT!: Applicants that chose option #3 or #4 as outlined above, must still complete the job related questions either online or manually (faxed) prior to the closing date of the vacancy announcement. If you wish to complete them online, go to the 'apply online' button on the vacancy announcement. If you wish to complete them manually, print the full occupational questionnaire directly from the vacancy announcement and complete and fax the 1203-FX form ( to (478)757-3144. Neglecting to respond to the job related questions will result in an ineligible rating. You may contact the servicing CPAC NAF DIVISION identified on the vacancy announcement for additional assistance.


As Head Coach directs and supervises the Men's Soccer intercollegiate program:  Schedules, plans, and supervises in season practice sessions, contests, tournaments, and team meetings. Coordinates necessary facilities for practices and contests. Represents the USMA intercollegiate team and interests at coach’s conferences to include national and regional committees. Is thoroughly familiar and follows all interpretations, rules and regulations, which govern the conduct of the sport. Prepares budget submission, which incorporates recruiting expenses, administrative support, and procurement of equipment, uniforms, and supplies. Researches and recommends appropriate equipment for procurement within budgetary guidelines. Coordinates team travels and is responsible for discipline, safety, health, and welfare of cadet athletes during away competitions. Provides guidance and counseling to cadet athletes with regard to academics, military behavior, ethical, moral, and social responsibilities. Acts as a role model for cadet athletes. Is thoroughly familiar with USMA admissions process and the admission requirements necessary for successful completion prior to an offer of admission being tendered to a prospective cadet athlete. Responsible for developing and implementing an effective recruiting program with emphasis toward the admission of prospective cadet athletes who will not only enhance the USMA intercollegiate program but also strengthen the Corp of Cadets through their leadership abilities and ultimately upon commissioning, make a significant contribution to the USMA Mission and the US Army. Represents the Academy at meetings and conferences of professional societies. Works with the staff of the Athletic Media Relations Office and the USMA Public affairs Office (PAO) for the purpose of affecting a positive media image for the Intercollegiate Sport Teams, the Army Athletic Association (AAA) and the United States Military Academy. Delivers lectures and participates in panel discussions, clinics, and workshops at high school, college, and postgraduate level gatherings. Maintains other formal and informal professional contracts with his/her field of interest and specialization. Briefs and orients visiting educators and other distinguished visitors to the Academy. Performance of working duties will require incumbent to work duty which cannot be administratively controlled and which will require a substantial amount of irregular, continual, and unscheduled overtime duty. Incumbent is responsible for recognizing, without supervision, circumstances which will require him/her to remain on duty. Serves for departmental and Academy committees and study groups that prepare staff reports and recommendation that affect departmental and/or representative of the Command and Superintendent to presidents of boards that examine candidates for admission to USMA.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel required for scheduled away games.

Relocation Authorized

  • No