Job Overview


About the Agency

The National Science Foundation promotes the progress of engineering in the United States in order to enable the Nation's capacity to perform.  Its investments in engineering research and education aim to build and strengthen a national capacity for innovation that can lead over time to the creation of new shared wealth and a better quality of life.  This position is located in the Directorate for Engineering (ENG), Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP). The Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships serves the entire Foundation by fostering partnerships to advance technological innovation, and plays an important role in the public-private innovation partnership enterprise. The focus of IIP is to successfully invest in engineering research and innovation by leveraging federal, small business, industrial, university, state and community colleges resources.
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Key functions of this position involve managing the workload, resources, operational procedures, policies and functions of the Division. As a Program Support Manager, you will:

  • Manage, understand and oversee the analytical work of the division such as forecasting workload, conducting long-term planning and management, and developing policy;
  • Supervise and manage a Program Support Team of 16 staff members engaged in the end to end business processing of scientific proposal funding. This includes applying a full range of managerial and supervisory functions including but not limited to: Participating in the recruitment and selection process; Coordinating and allocating workload for the program support team; monitoring and tracking successful completion of work products; and serving as a liaison between the administrative and scientific staffs of the Division;
  • Identify, project, and allocate financial and other resources required to provide administrative support;
  • Serve as the Division's chief administrative liaison with other organizations within the agency, other Federal agencies, the scientific community, and other organizations affiliated with the Division's programs;
  • Coordinate with Division management to develop new or modified administrative policies, goals, objectives and best practices and carry them through to completion utilizing your Program Support Team; and
  • Recommend and implement changes or improvements in organization staffing, work methods, and procedures based on results from studies on employee/organizational analyses.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No