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This position is also being posted under All Sources via Job Announcement Number FINCP/14-181464EBB.
The Deputy Director, Office of Regulatory Policy, assists the Office Director in leading a major office of the Policy Division, within the U.S. Department of Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 
The Policy Division is responsible for designing the regulatory and compliance framework that protects the U.S. financial system from money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit finance. In developing policy solutions, the Policy Division considers the needs and equities of all FinCEN stakeholders, including law enforcement, regulators, foreign financial intelligence units, industry, and the public. The Office of Regulatory Policy conceives, develops, and drafts the BSA rules, clarifying guidance, and regulatory rulings that protect our financial system. The office is responsible for staying abreast of all sectors of the financial industry, changes in their products and services, and the development of new payment methods, to assess vulnerabilities and adapt the BSA regulatory framework, as needed.


The Deputy Director, Office of Policy, duties: 

  • Assists the Office Director to develop and manage a staff of regulatory policy managers, senior and junior specialists, identifies objectives, and sets office-wide plans for carrying out regulatory policy development activities.
  • In coordination with the Office Director, leads staff in identifying issues and areas of concern to be addressed through existing or new BSA regulations, consults a wide range of stakeholders (e.g., law enforcement, regulators, policy makers, industry) to conceptualize and develop proposals, and recommends appropriately balanced regulatory provisions.
  • Assists the Office Director to oversee and direct staff in the preparation of regulatory packages, including supporting memoranda, reports, statistical backup and other information that provide justification for program initiatives to senior officials, including Federal, State, local and international agencies, industry officials and other organizations.
  • Directs staff in conceptualizing, planning, drafting, editing, and presenting of individual FinCEN regulatory policy documents, including regulatory packages, clarifying guidance, regulatory rulings, and office memoranda.
  • Mentors subordinate manager(s) in developing clear and consistent editing styles and techniques, ensuring that the office’s policy documents and presentations are improved at each step of the process.
  • Consults with regulated industry, law enforcement, and BSA examiners, concerning the interpretation and implementation of regulations, to clarify regulatory intent, and to identify areas in which further regulatory improvements can be initiated.
  • Represents the Department of the Treasury and FinCEN in senior-level internal, external, and interagency meetings, conferences, and other forums, explaining and advocating on behalf of FinCEN’s regulatory policy programs and objectives.
  • Seeks to maximize communication with all other components of FinCEN and at all levels to ensure each component’s unique expertise and authorities are brought to bear in a collaborative effort for maximum impact against the most serious money laundering and national security threats.
  • Collaborates with other supervisors within the division on the establishment of broad program objectives, organizational goals, policies, priorities, methods to assess the accomplishment of such objectives, and the resources required to be successful. Provides for the reporting and evaluation of program accomplishments.
  • Collaborates with other supervisors within the division on the establishment of employee performance standards, evaluates performance, promotes team building, settles disputes, recommends personnel actions, and promotes adherence to public policy, including diversity and equal opportunity in employment.
  • Provides effective leadership, mentors, develops, and motivates staff.