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About the Agency

The U.S. Census Bureau is seeking a highly motivated, innovative, and capable individual to serve as the Chief, Office of Statistical Methodology and Research. The Chief, OSMR is responsible for developing, directing, and coordinating the application of mathematical statistical techniques to the design, conduct and quality of the statistical programs associated with the Economic Programs Directorate. You will provide managerial, technical and administrative leadership to the formulation and conduct of economic and government survey programs, participate in the development of Census Bureau quality standard, policies, and represent the Census Bureau with professional groups or organizations interested in the OSMR and economic program modernization and improvements work.
This position is a Senior Executive Service (SES) career-reserved position. Positions in the SES are not graded. SES pay is commensurate with qualifications. SES employees are eligible for bonuses and awards based on performance. Veteran's preference is not applicable to SES.


The Chief, OSMR plans, initiates, and directs applied statistical methods and techniques covering the total field of mathematical statistical theory as it applies to the censuses, surveys and special data products conducted in the Economic Programs Directorate. 
You will work directly with the senior staff of the Economic Programs Directorate to plan methods and designs of programs, conduct related special studies, and formulate important applied methodological goals that affect economic statistics. Additionally, you will advise and inform Economic Programs Directorate management on optimal changes to the programs that provide the most information for the least cost and with the desired degree of reliability and quality. 
The Chief, OSMR directs the development of special-purpose mathematical statistical theory for use in solving specific problems and documents such work for knowledge retention and transfer; directs programs that assess the statistical appropriateness and validity of current procedures; and directs the development associated with the control of non-sampling errors.
You will direct studies and initiate actions to improve the frames for business and government entities, reducing duplications in these populations and improving overall quality.  Direct the broad usage of these frames in programs, including the development for ongoing and systematic update of information maintained and managed on the business register and governments master address files. Direct the acquisition and use of new administrative data that supports the business register, the governments master address files, or for use in new data products by supplementing existing publication releases.
The Chief, OSMR directs the activities to develop and test new concepts and new response patterns associated with the collection of information from business and government populations. Conducts analysis of response, and researches new cognitive and usability components associated with electronic technologies.
You will represent the Census Bureau and the Federal government where designated, on interdepartmental committees, with representatives of other agencies, conferences of international statisticians, and other statistical groups advising and consulting on mathematical statistical methodology.