Job Overview


Number of Vacancies:  One at this time, however, this announcement may be used to fill additional similar vacancies.

Please refer to the section "Requirements when selecting Specialty Codes".

Who May Apply: Open to all U.S. citizens and merit promotion candidates. You do not have to be a current or former government employee to be considered for this position.  Applications are encouraged and applicants will be considered under the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) if they are preference eligibles or have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after substantially completing 3 or more years of continuous active service.

Experience your America and build a fulfilling career by joining the National Park Service (NPS). Become a part of our mission to unite our past, our cultures and our special places, to establish important connections to the present and build a rich and lasting legacy for future generations.

The NPS is one of the most visible and most beloved of all Federal agencies.   We care for and conserve special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage.   From the Statue of Liberty to the geysers of Yellowstone, to the vistas of the Grand Canyon and the volcanoes of Hawaii, the National Park Service is part of the fabric of American life.   You can be part of this exciting and important mission.


This position is located in the NPS Unigrid Brochure Program office.   The unit is responsible for developing, producing, and delivering Unigrid brochures and for providing technical and advisory services to parks, partners, and other clients. This office works in close collaboration with parks to assure that interpretive Unigrid brochures that are conceived, designed, and developed by the office can effectively, accurately, and economically be translated into functional products able to be printed, delivered, and updated for future editions.  


You will work within the NPS Unigrid Brochure Program to develop new maps, and update and/or maintain current maps—in both printed and electronic formats—for park and visitor use. This will be done in a team environment (writer/editor, designer, cartographer, printing specialists, and park clients). You will design visually engaging maps that capture the geographic essence of parks through the use of shaded relief, land cover, natural colors, oblique three-dimensional views, raster map art, and other graphical approaches. You will exercise initiative and originality to solve novel and obscure problems; create custom maps; apply standard cartographic practices and/or specifications; and will bring institutional knowledge to new situations. You will research, evaluate the reliability and accuracy of source materials and reconcile conflicting data; compile new maps; determine the size, focus, typographic hierarchy, and geographic extent of new maps; ensure the map complements the accompanying layout; follow accepted production steps in file development; and ensure that assembled electronic files are complete, accurate, and correctly formatted. You will develop new methods, techniques, or precedents to plan and carry out assignments when necessary. You will review and evaluate maps output through all stages of production to ensure quality assurance is maintained. You will serve as technical representative for cartographic contracts. You will perform other duties as assigned.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Some travel to parks and meetings.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation may be authorized,