Job Overview


The Department of Interior, Office of Inspector General (OIG) is an independent office within the Department of Interior (DOI) whose mission is to promote excellence, integrity, and accountability throughout DOI. The OIG conducts investigations, evaluations, and audits in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency and to prevent and detect waste, fraud, and mismanagement in DOI programs and operations.

This position is located in the Department of the Interior (DOI), Office of Inspector General (OlG), Office of Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (OI). The Office of Investigations manages, supervises, coordinates, and conducts investigations relating to DOI programs and operations, including, but not limited to, investigations of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in such programs and operations and actual or suspected criminal activity or other wrongdoing by DOI employees, contractors, grantees, lessees, or any other persons or entities doing business with the DOI.  The incumbent serves as a Supervisory Resident Agent in Charge and advisor to management, the Assistant Inspector General for Investigations for Investigations (AIGI) and the Deputy AIGI on a wide range of investigative and operations activities. The work performed effects the efficiency and economical operations and ensures the Department's legal and regulatory compliance. The incumbent is responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating and guiding a complex criminal investigative program operations and functions of national scope. The incumbent's work has a significant impact in the OIG achieving mission objectives and strategic goals.


  • Supervises a staff of investigators, special agents, and other subject-matter experts including organizing multi-discipline investigative teams of Federal, State, and local law enforcement personnel to conduct or resolve complex investigative issues;
  • Oversees assigned administrative, operational, and investigative personnel including various law enforcement agencies and DOI Bureaus of diverse backgrounds and skills;
  • Participates in the formulation of the OlG internal strategic plan that promotes and updates the larger OlG and DOl strategic plan utilizing quality management practices, principles, and processes which encourage teamwork, innovation and the application of effective solutions to investigations and administrative problems (i.e., effective and efficient management practices and principles involving planning, innovative techniques, and enhancing quality work products and services).
  • Conducts investigations, oversees and participates in arrests, search warrants, and/or surveillance activities. Responsible for interrogations of subjects, witnesses, and other individuals of interest.
  • Participates in OIG's investigative policy-making process by providing input on decisions associated with criminal, civil, and administrative investigative operations;
  • Develops and maintains relationships with other DOl Bureaus and programs as well as law enforcement organizations and it’s personnel;
  • Assesses leads and administers the proper opening and closing of criminal, civil, and administrative investigations; AND
  • Provides both written and oral reports, briefings, and/or presentations to the Inspector General, General Counsel, AIGI/DAIGI, and senior DOI officials.

Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • Significant Travel is Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No