Job Overview


If you are a non-status candidate, please apply under Announcement #OMB-14-08-CMJ-DE.

The Education, Income Maintenance, and Labor Division is responsible for the examining and reviewing agency budget requests, programs, regulatory and legislative proposals and management activities in order to assure consistency with the President’s policies and coordination among Federal agencies.  This Division reviews the Department of Education, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration, Railroad Retirement Board, National Labor Relations Board, EEOC, Corporation for National and Community Service, and other smaller agencies. The Division handles critical social issues such as K-12 and post-secondary education, pensions, job training, labor law and civil rights enforcement, early childhood education, as well as key income support and safety net programs including Social Security, food stamps, and others. 

**This position may be filled at the GS-09, GS-11, or GS-12 level. Promotion to the next highest grade level is neither guaranteed nor implied.  Promotion to the next highest grade level is neither guaranteed nor implied.


Program Examiners are the core source of expertise on all matters pertaining to the programs and operations of Federal departments and agencies. Incumbents are expected to: 

(1) Perform legislative, economic, program evaluation, financial management, procurement, information technology, regulatory and organizational analyses to assigned program areas. 

(2) Review and analyze the formulation and execution of the budget in assigned areas.  

(3) Resolves budget and policy issues and renders advice, and prepares material for the Director’s review and presentation of the President’s budget and management agenda.

(4) Initiates and monitors analytical work on program and policy issues within areas of responsibility.

(5) Develops options based on detailed, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Responsibility will increase and assignments will become more complex as your training and experience progresses.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No