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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Wildlife Biologist
Department:  Department Of Agriculture
Agency:  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Job Announcement Number:  24WS-2014-0018

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$43,738.00 to $69,545.00 / Per Year
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 to Friday, January 03, 2014
Full Time - Permanent
1 vacancy - Newark, NJ   View Map
This announcement is open to all United States citizens. (Current and Former Federal employees may also apply to Merit Promotion announcement #6WS-2014-0008.)
Public Trust - Background Investigation


About the Agency

This position is located at the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. The incumbent develops and implements a Wildlife Hazard Management Program to minimize wildlife hazards to air operations and enhance human safety. The program consists of conducting a Wildlife Hazard Assessment of birds and mammals living at the airport and surrounding environment and preparing a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.
APHIS is an emergency response agency. This means that all Agency employees may be asked or assigned to participate in rotating temporary duty assignments to support emergency programs at some time during their careers with APHIS. For details click: APHIS Emergency Response


  • Not Required


  • You must be a US Citizen or US National.
  • Males born after 12/31/59 must be registered with the Selective Service.


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The duties described are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity. The duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Develops and implements a cooperative Wildlife Hazard Management Program to assist in alleviating impacts wildlife have on airport operations.
  • Gathers, compiles, and evaluates data on damage caused by birds and mammals, primarily to aircraft operations, surrounding landowners, government agencies and private industry, and homeowners.
  • Conducts wildlife damage management activities where there is a demonstrated need consistent with the planned use of any given area to prevent or reduce economic loss to property or to protect human health and safety; wildlife damage management methods used include auditory devices, mechanical or environmental controls, various capture and collection methods, and toxic agents.
  • Modifies or adapts established wildlife damage management methods as necessary to meet local conditions and address specific environmental, economic, or political considerations and communicates safe and effective wildlife damage management methods through extension and other channels to the general public disseminated by radio and television news releases, bulletins, and speeches.
  • Develops and gives presentations and hands-on workshops to airport and Federal Aviation Administration personnel, wildlife professionals, and other interested persons.
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with other state/federal agencies, organizations, institutions, industry groups and individuals in meeting program needs and goals and represents the WS Program at meetings, conferences, and workshops with these groups and maynegotiate or participate in the negotiation of cooperative service agreements with program coordinators.
  • Develops and maintains working relationships with personnel at Newark Liberty International Airport, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other appropriate federal, state, and local government officials, private industry, organizations, and homeowners as necessary.
  • Prepares scientific and administrative program reports, collects and analyzes pertinent data to develop strategies and techniques to address wildlife-aircraft and wildlife-people conflicts, and publishes collected data in appropriate proceedings, conferences, and journals.


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Applicants must meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements by the closing date of the announcement including the following specialized experience and/or education, as identified by grade level.
A. Degree in biological science that included at least 30 semester hours of coursework in wildlife subjects. This course work must have included:

  • At least 9 semester hours in wildlife subjects, such as mammalogy, ornithology, animal ecology, wildlife management, or research courses in the field of wildlife biology; and
  • At least 12 semester hours in zoology subjects, such as general zoology, invertebrate zoology, vertebrate zoology, comparative anatomy, physiology, genetics, ecology, cellular biology, parasitology, entomology, or research courses in such subjects (excess wildlife courses may be used to meet zoology requirements where appropriate); and
  • At least 9 semester hours in botany or the related plant sciences.

B. Combination of education and experience – equivalent to a major in biological science with education as shown in A above plus appropriate experience or additional education.
FOR THE GS-7 LEVEL: Applicants must have one year of specialized experience (equivalent to the GS-5 level) that demonstrates:
  • Planning and carrying out wildlife damage management operations in a variety of settings.
  • Interpreting and applying local, state, and federal laws, regulations, or ordinances pertaining to wildlife biology.
  • Developing appropriate and effective wildlife management strategies using different techniques and methods, including exclusionary materials and devices, aversive agents, auditory devices, mechanical devices, environmental controls, toxicants, and firearms.
  • Communicating orally and in writing with individuals and groups to coordinate and document wildlife management activities.

OR One year or 18 semester hours of graduate-level education in wildlife biology, wildlife management, or wildlife ecology;
OR Superior Academic Achievement: To qualify based on superior academic achievement, you must have completed the requirements for a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution AND must meet certain GPA requirements. For more details click: Superior Academic Achievement
FOR THE GS-9 LEVEL: Applicants must have one year of specialized experience (equivalent to the GS-7 level) that may have been obtained in the private or public (local, county, state, Federal) sectors which demonstrates:
  • Researching wildlife management theories to help develop plans to mitigate damage caused by wildlife.

OR Two years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a master's or equivalent graduate degree in wildlife biology, wildlife management, or wildlife ecology.
TRANSCRIPTS are required if:
  • This position requires specific coursework or a degree in a specific field to be basically qualified
  • You are qualifying for the position based on education.
  • You are qualifying for this position based on a combination of experience and education.
  • You are qualifying for this position based on Superior Academic Achievement.

This education must have been successfully completed and obtained from an accredited school, college, or university. For more information on submitting transcripts, click: Transcripts
COMBINATION OF EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE AT THE GS-7/9 GRADE LEVELS: Applicants may have combinations of successfully completed education and specialized experience to meet total qualification requirements. The total percentages must equal at least 100 percent to qualify for that grade level. To learn more about combining education and experience for this series, click the following: Combining Education and Experience for Professional and Scientific Positions 

Special Conditions:

  • As a condition of employment, satisfactory completion and favorable adjudication of a background investigation and/or fingerprint check may be required for this position.
  • Subject to satisfactory completion of a one-year probationary period.
  • Valid state driver's license required at time of application to operate a government-owned or -leased motor vehicle.
  • Must qualify in the use of firearms after appointment and will be required to carry and use firearms in the performance of the duties of this position.
  • Position is subject to random and applicant drug testing.
  • Transcripts must be submitted for this position.
  • Work is both in office and outdoors. Temperature and weather extremes will be encountered in the performance of the outdoor work, which is often in remote and primitive areas and congested urban environments.
  • Work must be conducted in a safe and orderly manner to avoid injury to self, coworkers, or property and will be conducted during both daylight and nighttime hours.
  • Work requires physical exertion, such as walking over wet, rough, uneven or rocky surfaces and bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, or similar activities; agility and dexterity; and the ability to drag or carry wildlife weighing over 100 pounds.
  • Incumbent will be required to successfully obtain and maintain the appropriate pesticide applicator license(s) through completion of the necessary Certified Applicators courses and/or examinations within three months after appointment to the position.
  • Incumbent will be required to successfully complete and maintain certification for the use of chemical immobilization and euthanasia compounds, use personal protective equipment and standardized necropsy procedures, identify foreign animal diseases in wildlife, and conduct other procedures critical to assigned duties.
  • To fulfill field or laboratory requirements in this position, proof of specific vaccinations (including boosters) may be required as a condition of employment; may include, but is not limited to, pre-exposure and post-exposure vaccinations to prevent contracting preventable diseases.


Applications will be evaluated in accordance with Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Delegated Examining Procedures using category rating. Applicants who meet basic minimum qualifications will be placed in one of three categories: Best Qualified, Well Qualified, or Qualified. Within these categories, applicants eligible for veteran's preference will receive selection priority over non-veterans. Category placement will be determined based on applicants’ quality of experience and the extent they possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities (or competencies):

  • General Administrative and Technical Skills
  • Knowledge of Wildlife and Wildlife Behavior
  • Managing Wildlife Damage
  • Communication Skills – Interpersonal, Oral, and Written
  • Leadership, Project/Unit Management

The questionnaire will assess your qualifications for the job, and will be used to identify the best qualified applicants to be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interviews. Your ratings in this Assessment Questionnaire are subject to evaluation and verification based on the documents and references you submit.

Later steps in the selection process are specifically designed to verify your ratings. Attempts to falsify information; inflate your qualifications or providing inaccurate information on federal documents may be grounds to adjust your rating or to not select you. Errors, omissions or providing inaccurate information on federal documents may affect your eligibility. If selected providing inaccurate information on federal documents could also be grounds for dismissing you from the position/agency. Please follow all instructions carefully.
To preview questions please click here.


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  • Career Transition Assistance Plan(CTAP) or Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP): If you are claiming CTAP/ICTAP eligibility, provide proof of eligibility to include your most recent performance appraisal, SF-50 showing the full performance level or career ladder of your current or previous position, and proof of eligibility such as a RIF separation notice or letter from OPM/your agency. CTAP/ICTAP eligibles will be considered well-qualified if achieving a rating of 85 or above. Information about CTAP/ICTAP eligibility is at: OPM's Career Transition Resources website.
  • More than one selection may be made if another vacancy occurs within 90 days of the issuance of the certification of eligibles.
  • Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc) should contact: USDA's TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD).
  • Direct Deposit – Per Public Law 104-134 all Federal employees are required to have federal payments made by direct deposit to a financial institution of your choosing.
  • E-Verify: Federal law requires agencies to use the E-Verify system to confirm the employment eligibility of all new hires. If you are selected as a newly hired employee, the documentation you present for purposes of completing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Form 1-9 on your entry-on-duty date will be verified through the DHS 'E-VERIFY' system. Under the system, the new hire is required to resolve any identified discrepancies as a condition of continued employment.


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Please read the entire announcement and all the instructions before you begin. The following instructions outline our application process.
  • You must complete this application process and submit all required documents electronically by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement.
  • We are available to assist you during business hours (normally 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday). Applying online is highly encouraged. If applying online poses a hardship, please contact our office during business hours well before the closing date for an alternate method. All hardship application packages with supporting documents must be submitted no later than noon on the closing date of the announcement in order to be entered into the system prior to its closing.
  • This agency provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you require this for any part of the application and hiring process.

Step 1: Create a USAJOBS account (if you do not already have one) at It is recommended that as part of your profile you set up automatic email notification to be informed when the status of your application changes. If you choose not to set up this automatic notification, then you will have to log into your USAJOBS account to check on the status of your application.
Step 2: Create a Resume with USAJOBS or upload a Resume into your USAJOBS account. You may want to customize your resume to ensure it documents duties and accomplishments you have gained that are directly related to this position in order to verify that qualifications are met. In addition, your resume must support your responses to the online questionnaire (you may preview the online questionnaire by clicking on the link at the end of the How You Will Be Evaluated section of the job announcement).
Step 3: Click "Apply Online" and follow the prompts to complete the Occupational Questionnaire and attach any additional documents that may be required. You can update your application or documents anytime while the announcement is open. Simply log into your USAJOBS account and click on "Application Status." Click on the position title, and then select "Update Application” to continue.


You must submit a complete Application Package, prior to 11:59, ET, on the closing date of this announcement. The following documents must be submitted for your application package to be considered complete. It is your responsibility to ensure all required documents are received within the required timeframes. Our office cannot be responsible for incompatible software, illegible fax transmissions, delays in the mail service, system failure or downtime, etc. Failure to submit required, legible documents may result in loss of consideration.
  • Resume that includes the following information: 1) job information for which you are applying; 2) personal information; 3) education; 4) work experience including the work schedule and hours worked per week as well as dates of employment; and title, series and grade if applicable; 5) supervisors phone number and e-mail address for each work period listed and whether or not we may contact them for reference checks; and, 6) other qualifications.
  • College Transcripts if education is required for meeting basic qualifications and/or used as a substitute for specialized experience. An unofficial copy is sufficient with the application; however, if selected, an official college transcript will be required prior to entering on duty. All education must have been successfully completed and obtained from an accredited school, college, or university. Foreign education must be evaluated by an approved organization. For additional information, refer to the U.S. Department of Education web site at All transcripts must be in English or include an English translation.
  • DD-214 (Member 4 Copy) if claiming Veterans’ Preference. Veterans claiming 10 point preference must also submit a VA Letter and an SF-15 Application for 10-point Veteran Preference. Current active duty members must submit a certification that they are expected to be discharged or released from active duty under honorable conditions not later than 120 days after the date the certification is submitted.
  • Other required documents may include:
    • CTAP/ICTAP: Certification of Expected Separation, Reduction-In-Force Separation Notice, Notice of Proposed Removal, or appropriate OPM/Agency certification; AND most recent performance evaluation; AND SF-50 demonstrating your separation or the position from which you will be separated.


Phone: 612-336-3326
Fax: 612-336-3560
Agency Information:
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
100 N 6th Street, Butler Sq Bldg, 510C
Minneapolis, MN
Fax: 612-336-3560


If you set up your USAJOBS account to send automatic email notifications, you will receive an email acknowledging: 1) the submission of your online Occupational Questionnaire and resume was successful, 2) if you were referred to the selecting official for consideration, and 3) if you were selected or not selected. If you choose not to set up automatic email notifications, you must check your USAJOBS account for the latest status of your application. Your application may be reviewed to verify that you meet the qualifications and eligibility requirements for the position prior to issuing lists to a selecting official. If further evaluation or interviews are required, you will be contacted. We expect to make a final job offer within 40 days after the closing date of the announcement.

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