Job Overview


About the Agency

The position involves conception, design, development and maintenance of software systems and databases for the solution of highly technical scientific problems.  The work also involves the development of application software and programs, as well as participation in long-range planning.


Duties may include, but are not limited to: providing technical mastery and leadership on a wide variety and range of complex IT issues, including leading the planning, development, testing and implementation of a coordinated suite of software covering the full range of CXC DS responsibilities, applying technical mastery of software technologies to the CXCDS product decision process and applying overall  direction for CXCDS subsystems and projects; leading a team of IT Specialists in the development of deliverables and verified products for the CXC, including allocating staff, technical and equipment resources and scheduling tasks; formulating and keeping a current strategic plan that anticipates future CXCDS requirements by interfacing with CXCDS staff to obtain information regarding user and system needs, planning and developing methods of obtaining and tracking end-user feedback and the scientific hardware requirements and the systems involved to define the requirements; representing the CXC as the authoritative technical expert in interactions with other organizations concerning software products, services and standards; providing technical mastery and IT support for special projects upon request, including troubleshooting and system development.