Job Overview


The Market Information Branch provides timely, accurate, comprehensive market information on milk and dairy products to enhance market transparency in the dairy industry.  This market transparency provides all segments of the industry from producers to consumers with information on current conditions and trends of the market supplies, movements, distribution, demand, prices, and other technical information which serves to promote the orderly and equitable production and marketing of milk and dairy products. 

The Branch formulates and administers programs relating to a national market reporting service for dairy products and the development and dissemination of specialized marketing information and statistics for the Federal milk order programs.  The Branch also provides assigned statistical and economic services for the Program and provides essential information basic to the effective planning and administering of other Departmental and government programs.
The incumbent directs, administers, and carries out programs and functions delegated to theMadison office and as such serves as the National Supervisor for Dairy Market News.
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The duties described are for the full-performance level. At developmental grade levels, assignments will be of more limited scope, performed with less independence and limited complexity.
The duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • The incumbent is responsible for the Dairy Market News program and functions which are designed to provide highly technical and complicated milk marketing information to the industry, consumers, other government agencies, and interested individuals and groups.  
  • Non-Supervisory Duties - Dairy Market News Policy and Program Formulation:  Advises on the formulation of operational policy in the administration of both voluntary and mandatory nationwide market news reporting service on milk and dairy products.
  • Program Planning: Within the general limits of overall national policy for market news coordinates collection and dissemination of accurate daily, weekly, monthly, periodic, and annual reports on marketing milk and dairy products.
  • Producer, Industry, Governmental, and Public Relationships:  Represents Market News, Dairy Programs, and the Agricultural Marketing Service in maintaining and developing working relationships with Federal and State agencies, producers, marketing and consumer groups for the purpose of collecting and disseminating market news information, obtaining policy and program recommendations, and promoting harmonious relationships and cooperation
  • General Administration: Collaborates with Market Information Branch (Chief), Economics Division (Director), Dairy Programs (Deputy Administrator) in developing recommendations, and carrying out operations relating to budget, fiscal, personnel, organization, informational, and other administrative management services affecting the Dairy Market News program.
  • Market News Reporting: Plans, directs, coordinates, and carries out technical and administrative operations for assigned regions of all phases of the market news functions.  These functions include:
  • Collects information relative to general and specific market conditions as reflected in supply, demand, price, quality, condition, and movement of milk and dairy products, including such factors as production, storage, receipts, and consumption.
  • Analyzes and verifies market data (obtained through industry contact) to evaluate accuracy and market coverage.   Studies daily and seasonal marketing conditions as well as other marketing areas in order to analyze and evaluate the significance of collected data.
  • Recommends new reports, the termination of existing reports, and new reporting methods, procedures, and techniques to the National Supervisor as changes in marketing patterns and practices develop.
  • Prepares and disseminates assigned daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and special market reports covering sales at multiple levels of the supply chain, including prices and volumes traded, general market conditions, and other information and statistics that may be of interest to the dairy industry.
  • Maintains active public relations with commercial news media for the dissemination of market news.  Prepares talks and participates in various types of group meetings relative to market news, including members of the industry, associations, education fields, and others interested in marketing.
  • Collaborates with Market Information Branch, in continuation of operation during times of emergency, and carrying out operations relating to mandatory reporting and Federal order information services affecting the Market News program.
  • Supervisory Duties - Dairy Market News Program:  Directs the Dairy Market News Service, in collection, analysis and dissemination of milk and dairy products to promote the efficient marketing throughout the industry.
  • Directs and coordinates the collection of both voluntary and mandatory information from the trade and other sources pertaining to supply, demand, prices, trends and other market information on dairy products.
  • The incumbent provides administrative and technical supervision to the dairy market reporters and clerical staff assigned.