Job Overview


About the Agency

The National Mediation Board (NMB) is an independent agency created by the Railway Labor Act, the statute governing labor-management relations in the railroad and airline industries.  To avoid serious disruptions to the Nation’s economy and protect the public interest, the Act imposes on carriers and their employees the duty of settling disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.  The NMB, headed by three presidentially appointed Members, has as its chief responsibilities: (1) mediation of collective bargaining disputes; (2) determination of employee representation for collective bargaining processes; and (3) administration of a railroad grievance arbitration system.

The Budget Officer is located in the Office of Administration (OA) and reports to the OA Supervisor.  The incumbent is responsible for formulation of the NMB’s budget estimates and supporting justifications in accordance with OMB Circular Number A-11, and other associated requirements.  The incumbent ensures documentation and other supporting material is developed for use by the Board Members and Chief of Staff in explaining and defending agency budget requests before OMB, Congressional committees, and other groups.  The incumbent develops apportionment and reapportionment requests, annual budgets, quarterly allotment plans for executing the budget, funds statements for the execution of programs and projects, and monitors obligations against approved apportionment and financial plans, and recommends appropriate reprogramming actions and/or supplemental appropriation requests to cover forecasted funding shortfalls. 


1.  Budget Formulation – The primary individual responsible for preparing and coordinating the overall NMB budget submission.  Working with the department directors in preparing and explaining the individual departmental budget to inclusion into the overall NMB budget.  Responsibilities include providing budgetary data to OMB, the Congress, and other Federal agencies as necessary.

2.  Budget Execution – Develops financial plans for the NMB which includes annual budget amounts, quarterly allotments and apportionment and reapportionment requests.  Continuously analyzes obligations against approved financial plans, resolves forecasting problems and recommends financial solutions as required.  Which includes financial planning, funds control, cost Control, and Expenditure control.

3. Prepares budget trends and analyses to determine the effectiveness of the NMB’s programs and operating activities.

4. Reviews proposed appropriation and supplemental appropriation requests and make recommendation to management on changes, if necessary. 

5. Provides authoritative advice and assistance to NMB staff on the full range of budgeting to include formulation, justification and execution areas.

6.  Reviews and comments on OMB, GAO, Treasury, GSA, and agency policy and procedural matters related to budgetary/financial activities and implement them when they take effect.

7.  Oversees preparation of required OMB and Treasury financial statements.  Represents NMB in negotiations with the cross-service provider, independent auditors, and representative from other government entities.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No