Job Overview


Be Remarkable, Make a Difference! Join the Natural Resources Conservation Service team and help us conserve our nation's Natural Resources!!

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is a Federal agency under the Department of Agriculture. Our mission is to help private landowners conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment. We deliver technical assistance based on sound science and suited to a customer's specific needs. Participation in our programs is voluntary, with costshare and financial incentives available in some cases. Most work is done with local partners, and our partnership with local conservation districts serves almost every county in the nation, plus the Caribbean and Pacific Basin. Find out more through our website at!

Applications under this announcement will be accepted from United States citizens or nationals who are degree seeking students enrolled at least half-time in accredited institutions only.

HOW DOES THE PATHWAYS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM WORK? This program is a planned, progressive education program that provides for the integration of a student’s academic studies with target positions in the Federal workforce. Student selected under this program gain real, paid work experience while pursuing a college degree in a particular career field. We are specifically seeking a student who are interested in doing Public Affairs work after graduation from college.  Placement will begin in Winter, Spring or Summer, 2014 (depending on student availability). Students must complete at least 640 work hours and 40 hours of training under the internship to be eligible for placement upon completion of degree requirement. At the agency’s option, students who successfully complete all work, study, qualifications, and other eligibility requirements may be offered permanent positions with our agency upon graduation. Available offers of permanent employment will be dependent upon budget and the availability of positions. Find out more information on Pathways program participation through the website:

Students are normally placed into non-pay status when they return to school each fall but may continue to work part-time at the discretion of the agency and then return to work full-time during the following summer.  Students pursuing their bachelor's degree may be promoted up to the GS-4 level as they progress through the program, and may be placed in permanent positions at either the GS-5 or GS-7 level (depending on qualifications) when they graduate. However, progression to that level is neither guaranteed nor required. Advancement is dependent upon successful performance in the position and satisfaction of time-in-grade and qualification requirements.

NRCS Utah is looking for students interested in long-term, permanent employment only. If you are interested in short-term employment or summer employment, please check for other opportunities advertised on the USAjobs website at


The trainee positions advertised are developmental positions designed to provide intensive and specialized training in the field of work related to the student's major field of study. Work will become increasingly more complex as the student masters skills and assignments and progresses through the program. Specific duties that will prepare you for becoming a professional public affairs specialist include: 

  • Assist in coordinating Web page activities
  • Assist in writing, editing, photography
  • Reasearch and collect information for writing assignments
  • Assist in video production 

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • You will be required to do some travel for workload, meetings, and training, and may be required to obtain, maintain, and use a government-issued charge card for your official travel.

Relocation Authorized

  • No