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Business Component: Aircraft Certification Service, Rotorcraft Directorate, Rotorcraft Certification Office, ASW-170

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) - In accordance with applicable FAA Travel regulations, full relocation benefits will be paid (actual expenses).


Serves as a Computer Engineer in Aircraft Certification Service, Rotorcraft Directorate and Rotorcraft Certification Office. Applies experience and expert knowledge of engineering concepts, principles and practices to software development assurance using RCTA DO-178B, Airborne (or complex) Electronic Hardware (AEH) assurance using RTCA-254 and subsequent versions as adopted by FAA. In addition, you will have complex specialized assignments throughout the range of engineering technologies to include systems, equipment, propulsion, advanced integrated avionics and advanced fly-by-wire flight controls to support civil aircraft certification projects. You may also be required to provide software and AEH assistance for other offices throughout the Aircraft Certification Service. Provides expert computer software and AEH advice to engineers and participates in the evaluation of certification applicants' software and AEH design work based on certification requirements, special conditions, applicable rules and regulations and good design practices. Identifies and defines discrepancies or inadequacies and major problems encountered. Provides expert assistance to resolve these problems, and or modifies the project through recommended changes or other appropriate methods. Provides authoritative information on software and AEH certification policy and technical concerns to other experts in the industry, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), foreign civil aviation authorities, the National Transportation Safety Board and other interested parties. Represents the FAA as the Technical Advisor while participating in local and national continuous improvement teams, industry meetings for software and AEH certification and continued operational safety (COS) of products using software and AEH. Assists the Rotorcraft Directorate and Aircraft Certification Service national policy offices in developing policy, guidance and training for all products. Analyzes and evaluates engineering issues concerned with the development of international and domestic regulations, technical standard orders (TSO), policies and procedures for the design, development and type certification of advanced state-of-the-art components and equipment that are generally applicable to all types of civil aircraft. Develops specific office processes and procedures to facilitate the implementation of national directives and guidance material. Work closely with Directorate Staff and other offices to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of these regulations and guidance material. Supervises Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and Organization Designation Authorizations (ODAs) in software and AEH certification areas and supports the DERs and ODAs through seminars and on an individual basis. Participates in Type Certification Board Meetings as the technical authority in software and AEH certification, assuring critical issues are adequately addressed in the certification process. Be assigned to Aircraft Certification audit teams as the technical advisor.