Job Overview


The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is one of the world's leading statistical agencies, recognized throughout the United States and around the world as a key source for the best and most comprehensive economic statistics available. The data produced by BEA are among the most important tools used in decision-making by policy-makers in the Congress and the executive agencies, including the Council of Economic Advisers, Federal Reserve, Office of Management and Budget and Treasury. BEA's data are also used extensively by private businesses and a wide range of regional organizations, state and local governments, businesses and educational institutions.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis is seeking a highly-motivated and capable executive to serve as the Chief Economist.

The Chief Economist plans and develops the BEA’s research program, and the new concepts and methods to be implemented by the Office of the Chief Statistician and the Associate Directors for National, International, Industry, and Regional Accounts; advises the Director with regard to major conceptual and theoretical developments in economic accounting; and serves as the BEA’s liaison to the academic and research community.

This position is a Senior Executive Service (SES) career-reserved position. Positions in the SES are not graded. SES pay is commensurate with qualifications. SES employees are eligible for bonuses and awards based on performance. Veteran's preference is not applicable to SES.


The Chief Economist is responsible for keeping the concepts and methods underpinning the BEA’s economic accounts timely, accurate, and relevant. This includes:
Research into new concepts and measures that will keep pace with changes in the United States and the world economy. 
Development of new concepts and measures of output and prices in services, international trade, high‑tech goods and other new and rapidly changing, and hard‑to‑define goods and services.    
Demonstrating the usefulness of the accounts through the conduct and publication of research in areas important to the accounts.
Serving as liaison to the academic and broader research community in reviewing articles and research issues of importance to the accounts, explaining new concepts and methods to be employed in the accounts, and obtaining feedback from that community on new concepts, and where appropriate modifying those concepts, balancing producer and user needs.
Initiating and overseeing external research on economic accounts issues.
Represents the Director in interactions with the Council of Economic Advisers, the Office of Management and Budget, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Joint Economic Committee of the Congress on economic research issues, in the preparation of the Annual Report of the Council of Economic Advisers, and in other matters of importance.
Represents the BEA at academic/research conferences, on professional committees, and on international statistical working groups meetings and at other meetings with top‑level representatives of business organizations; international, Federal, State and local government groups; research foundations; and educational institutions with interest in the effect of changes in the economy on the economic accounts.