Job Overview


Do you want to protect American interests and secure a national treasure that is a symbol of democracy while building a meaningful and rewarding career?

The United States Capitol Police

"America's Police Department"

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) is a premier, Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, CALEA-accredited, Federal Law Enforcement Agency. Our mission is, “to protect the Congress, its legislative processes, Members, employees, visitors, and facilities from crime, disruption, or terrorism. We protect and secure Congress so it can fulfill its constitutional responsibilities in a safe and open environment.”  

• We protect the legislative process, the symbol of our democracy, the people who carry out the process, and the millions of visitors who travel here to see democracy in action;

• Every American who visits the Capitol, as well as those visitors from around the world, is a member of our protected community and sees first-hand how we are the best of America’s spirit and diversity;

• As an agency, we are a microcosm of America, representational of many races, colors, religions, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and ages. Our workforce derives from almost all 50 states and territories, with some representation from other countries. We embrace and celebrate a diverse workforce, where we believe inclusion makes our workplace stronger and respecting each individual as a person and as a professional is essential; and

• We represent the best in American policing. We act on the world stage every day of the year, as a model in security, urban crime prevention, dignitary protection, specialty response capabilities, and homeland security. We are often the first face that visitors and employees encounter, and we leave a lasting impression that is reflective of the Legislative Branch and its role in America’s democracy.

Wear The Badge, Feel The Honor


As a United States Capitol Police (USCP) Officer LP-0083, you will perform a full range of police duties and responsibilities which include:

  • Enforcing federal, state, county and municipal laws and ordinances, and agency rules and regulations relating to law enforcement.
  • Physically protect the Capitol complex, Members of Congress, visitors, and staff from threats of crime and disruption; preserving law and order; serving as a deterrent to crime and other violations of laws, rules, and regulations.       
  • Taking charge of accidents and crime scenes, restrict access; observe, stop and question suspicious person.        
  • Preparing reports, and testifying in court.
  • Performing protective services, guarding federal owned buildings and property and protecting government equipment and material.

Upon successful completion of training, probation, time in grade and completion of all experience requirements future competitive promotions may be available to become a higher rank or officer within a specialized area such as: Patrol Division, Canine Division, Containment and Emergency Response Team, Dignitary Protection Division, Intelligence Division, Hazardous Materials Response Team, Threats and/or other positions within The United States Capitol Police.

Relocation Authorized

  • No