Job Overview


Duty location is currently Vienna, VA.  Projected to move to Washington, DC early 2014.
Become part of the team that safeguards the financial system from the abuses of financial crime. At the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), we are at the forefront in preventing and detecting terrorist financing, money laundering, and other financial crime. Serve at the nation's financial intelligence unit and protect the United States financial system from criminals and terrorist financiers.

Incumbent serves as a senior Criminal Investigator in the Office of Special Investigations in the Enforcement Division of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.  Incumbent works with law enforcement, regulatory and intelligence officials of other organizations to support criminal investigations in connection with terrorist financing, money laundering, drug trafficking, and other crimes, and simultaneously evaluates potential civil violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA); provides criminal investigatory expertise and insight to internal FinCEN components as well as external law enforcement partners; and develops and implements strategies to conduct sensitive investigations into possible violations of the BSA, to include unauthorized disclosure of BSA records.  Incumbent is assigned to work on high profile, high priority cases with broad implications, and to travel and testify in support of criminal and civil prosecutions, or enforcement actions, as required. 
This is a SECONDARY law enforcement officer (LEO) position, as defined in 5CFR 831.902, under the early law enforcement retirement provisions of 5 USC 8336 (c) and 5 USC 8412 (d), in that it is in the law enforcement field, is within an organization having a law enforcement mission, and involves administrative responsibilities for which prior experience in a primary law enforcement position (or equivalent) is a prerequisite.


The Criminal Investigator duties:

  • Incumbent works cooperatively with law enforcement, regulators and intelligence officials on investigations that involve financial transactions in connection with money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorist financing and other crimes.   
  • Incumbent collects and analyzes operational and strategic intelligence from wide-ranging sources including Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies, military departments, foreign governments, and financial institutions.   
  • Participates in negotiations and other communication with targets of FinCEN enforcement actions and/or their legal counsel, including matters involving individuals, financial institutions, corporations, and foreign governments.   
  • Represents FinCEN in senior-level internal and, on occasion, interagency meetings, including the coordination of investigations, examinations, and enforcement actions.  
  • Through continuing contacts with law enforcement and senior representatives of other Treasury, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice law enforcement agencies, the incumbent monitors and addresses changes or potential changes/trends in law and regulatory enforcement policies and initiatives affecting both the Bureau and the Department as a whole.   
  • Serves as an advisor to senior management officials of FinCEN in terms of how to make FinCEN’s products and services most meaningful for assisting law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the conduct of criminal investigations. 
  • Acts as critical link between FinCEN and the law enforcement community to provide guidance and support in terms of the use of BSA and related databases to aid in the detection and prosecution of criminal activity.   
  • Prepares and advises on the preparation of a variety of law enforcement related materials that serve as guidelines, issues analyses and discussions, advisory opinions, policy and program recommendations, summaries and descriptions of investigative activities, and a variety of other correspondence for both internal and external consideration.