Job Overview


This is an Excepted Service Position. This position is being advertised through three announcements. This Federal Excepted Service position, announcement EX-13-32, SL-0901-00, combines the Inspector General role with the principal Attorney-Advisor role in the Office of the Inspector General. This position is also being announced as a Federal Competitive Service position 1) open to all applicants with the right to work in the United States (announcement, EX-13-30, SL-0301-00) and 2) a companion Federal Merit Promotion announcement (EX-13-31, SL-0301-00). Only one vacancy exists and selection will be made from the eligible candidates from all three announcements.

The Inspector General (IG) for the Smithsonian Institution is responsible for carrying out and supervising the functions, powers, and duties of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) as provided in the Inspector General Act of 1978 as amended. This position must develop or otherwise provide expert legal positions to guide the Office on operating issues related to program, investigative and auditing initiatives.  The IG reports to and is under the general supervision of the Smithsonian Board of Regents.  The IG independently oversees the functions in accord with established policy, applicable laws and regulations.  The OIG has two main responsibilities: (1) to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in Smithsonian programs and operations; and (2) to detect and prevent waste, fraud and abuse in Smithsonian programs and operations.  The IG keeps the Board of Regents and Congress fully informed about problems and deficiencies relating to program administration and operations, the necessity for corrective actions, and progress in their implementation.


1.  Provides policy direction, supervises, coordinates and performs audits and investigations related to programs and operations throughout the Smithsonian Institution, as well as outside entities associated or financed by the Institution.  The purpose is to promote administrative economy and efficiency, and to prevent or detect fraud and abuse in programs and operations.
2.  The incumbent uses his/her expert legal knowledge to oversee the support and documentation of specific IG recommendations resulting from OIG auditing responsibilities, taking into account the Institution’s unique legal framework.  These arguments may be made to the Institution’s management team, the Board of Regents, and/or Congress.  Supervises the review of draft materials and draft reports/recommendations from IG staff for legal implications and to ensure that reports and recommendations accurately reflect the applicability of statute, law, rule, and regulation to the Institution.
3.  Provides supervision of legal positions and rationale for specific IG issues relating to the OIG’s investigative initiatives.  These issues require consideration of complex intricacies of criminal, civil, and administrative law, practice, and procedures.  Oversees the Office of Investigations to ensure all legal requirements are met.
4.  Reviews current and proposed legislation and regulations that relate to the Institution’s programs and operations.  Utilizes the semi-annual reporting system required by law to provide feedback on the impact of such legislation or regulations.  Provides comment and recommends changes to improve productivity.  Analyzes economy and efficiency issues related to administration of Smithsonian programs and operations, including those associated or financed by the Institution.  Reviews issues related to the prevention and detection of fraud and abuse in programs and operations.
5.  Recommends policies and conducts, supervises or coordinates relationships between the Institution and other Federal agencies, State and local governmental agencies, and non-governmental agencies for the following purposes: to promote economy and efficiency in administration; to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in Smithsonian programs and operations, including those associated or financed by the Institution; and to identify and prosecute participants in such fraud and abuse.
6.  Keeps the Board of Regents and the Congress fully and currently informed, through reports concerning fraud and other serious problems, abuses and deficiencies that are related to the administration of Smithsonian programs and operations, including those associated or financed by the Institution.  Recommends actions to correct identified problems, abuse and deficiencies.  Reports on progress made to implement corrective actions.
7.  Directs and coordinates the audit program through subordinate supervisors and staff.  Develops and implements internal policies, procedures and standards to assure high quality work performance.  Assures subordinate supervisors effectively carry out their program and supervisory responsibilities.  Selects and appoints all subordinate staff in accord with applicable laws and regulations.  Within the framework of the Institution’s performance management system, evaluates performance of subordinates, and performs the second-level review for all Office staff.