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The Equal Opportunity Programs Office (Code 120) is seeking a highly qualified individual to serve on the senior staff of the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). This individual will implement policy, manage the Equal Employment and Affirmative Employment programs and coordinate the processing of discrimination complaints at the installation. In addition, provide equal opportunity advisory and consulting services to managers and employees at any Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) facility.


The previous announcement, GS13B0107, has been canceled and is being re-advertised; ALL applicants that applied under the previous announcement must reapply to be considered.

As identical vacancies are identified, additional selections may be made.

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If you are an individual with a disability and have questions regarding the Federal special hiring authorities for individuals with disabilities or would like to request a reasonable accommodation for the application or hiring process, please contact the Disability Program Manager by email at Goddard Space Flight Center offers a wide array of reasonable accommodations and programs for individuals with disabilities including onsite sign language interpreters, readers, and is a participating agency with the Computer Electronics Accommodations Program.

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As an Equal Employment Specialist, the incumbent is responsible for managing and implementing a full range of EEO programs/activities through the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Equal Opportunity Programs Office (EOPO) at the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF). Manages and oversees EEO initiatives related to affirmative employment program efforts, discrimination complaints and disability programs.

The incumbent will provide oversight for the implementation of the Affirmative Employment Plan (AEP) for Wallops. Identify any barriers to equal opportunity at WFF, conducting barrier analysis, and developing corrective actions to remediate these barriers. Provide statistical analysis of workforce demographics; identify WFF AEP goals and objectives; consult with WFF management in developing strategies to accomplish established objectives/goals. Prepare ad hoc analyses, reports and briefings, as necessary. Serve as the EEO liaison to the WFF Special Emphasis Groups, Advisory Committees, and Employee Resource Groups.

Provide technical assistance related to disability matters and reasonable accommodation requests. Process any reasonable accommodation requests as appropriate. Provide WFF management, supervisors and employees with information on their rights and responsibilities with respect to reasonable accommodations. Work with management and employees to ensure that WFF facilities and programs are fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

Advise management regarding the interpretations of EEO and diversity policies and procedures. Analyzes changes to regulations, policies, etc., for impact on EEO programs. Plan and implement actions to correct deficiencies. Advise senior management officials in the planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating equal opportunity programs. Identifies, defines and analyzes systemic barriers and problems. Establishes operations guidelines, objectives, and procedures for achieving solutions, and oversees the organization's affirmative action efforts.

Identifies training and awareness needs in the EEO arena for the WFF workforce, i.e. accommodations, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation training. Work with the organization¿s key partners/stakeholders at WFF, i.e. WFF management and employees, Office of Human Capital Management, Diversity and Inclusion and the Education Office, etc. to effectively implement the mission of the organization.