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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Courier
Department:  Department Of Energy
Agency:  National Nuclear Security Administration
Job Announcement Number:  14-0007-VRA

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$42,960.00 to $67,931.00 / Per Year
Tuesday, November 05, 2013 to Monday, November 18, 2013
Excepted Service - Full Time - Permanent
Few vacancies in the following location:
Amarillo, TX View Map
Veterans who are eligible for a Veterans Recruitment
Appointment (VRA)


Would you like to have a job that can ensure national security by providing support to the nation's nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship activities? If so, then the National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Secure Transportation (OST), has the perfect employment opportunity. A successful candidate in this position will serve as a member of a highly specialized protective force ensuring the transportation of nuclear materials and other highly hazardous materials.

This announcement is to recruit for the 2014 summer Agent Candidate Training Academy. This announcement is limited to the first 600 applications and will be closed when the limit is reached. The first 600 applications will be accepted to include any other applications received by close of business on the day the limit is reached.

This position is also advertised for one other location, Albuquerque, NM (14-0001-VRA).  To be considered for each location, you MUST apply to each specific vacancy announcement.

These positions will be filled using the Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) authority. Applicants appointed under the VRA are placed in the excepted service. After successful completion of 2 years of service under this appointment, conversion to the competitive service is possible. Veterans' preference applies for appointments made under the VRA authority.

The following criteria shows who is eligible for a Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA).
This includes veterans who are:
• in receipt of a campaign badge for service during a war or in a campaign or expedition; OR
• a disabled veteran, OR
• in receipt of an Armed Forces Service Medal for participation in a military operation, OR
• a recently separated veteran (within the last 3 years), AND
• separated under honorable conditions (this means an honorable or general discharge).
You must provide documentation that supports your eligibility for consideration for a VRA. See Required Documents for more information.


  • You must be a United States Citizen.
  • This employer participates in the e-Verify program.
  • Relocation is at your own expense.
  • See "Other Information" section regarding Selective Service requirements.


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As a Courier, you will:

  • Serve as a member of a highly specialized armed protective force that is responsible for the safe and secure transportation of classified and/or hazardous materials including nuclear weapons, components, test assemblies, and strategic quantities of weapons-grade special nuclear materials. This involves the operation of Government-owned motor vehicles, including tractor-trailers.
  • Integrate many processes and methods in the fields of security; health and safety; emergency management; and law enforcement, including paramilitary tactical operations to respond to a multitude of possible natural and/or man-made threats to the safety and security of sensitive, dangerous, and extremely valuable cargo.
  • Participate in security planning prior to trip departures; assess multiple issues and factors related to shipment security during convoy operations; coordinate with other Federal, state or local law enforcement agencies and first responders concerning the investigation of potential criminal or terrorist acts or activities that could be considered a threat to the mission.
  • Will be armed to provide the force necessary, up to and including the use of deadly force, to prevent theft, sabotage or takeover by unauthorized persons or groups. Respond quickly and effectively to environmental, resource, and safety and security issues that may arise unexpectedly in the course of mission operations.


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A qualified candidate's online application and resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level (GS-7 or equivalent) in the Federal service. Specialized experience for this position is defined as:

  • Experience in performing high-risk armed tactical security work while serving as a member of a tactical team responsible for employing small arms and maneuvering against a hostile adversary to protect property against the hazards of fire, theft, accident, or trespass; maintaining law and order; protecting lives; or similar duties; AND using effective communication skills in person-to-person contacts in order to successfully execute the described work.  
  • Examples of such experience may have been gained in the armed forces, Coast Guard, or other Federal, state, local government or private security organizations, performing  such work as:  security patrols;  convoy operations;  rapid response force operations;  or other work involving high risk, teamwork, weapons  proficiency and tactical maneuvers.

You must meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements within 30 days of the closing date of this announcement.

The applicants’ and employees’ health must meet demands for performance in the position and for human reliability program certification. Before entrance on duty and during employment, applicants/employees in these positions must undergo a medical examination and be physically/medically able to perform the duties of the position without hazard to themselves or others. Failure to meet any of the required physical/medical qualifications will be considered disqualifying for employment, except when substantial evidence is presented that the individual can perform the functions of the job without hazard to himself/herself/others, with or without reasonable accommodation. Vision: DISTANT VISUAL ACUITY- Uncorrected: Distant vision must be no worse than 20/70 in each eye separately and both eyes together. Corrected or natural vision: Distant vision must actually be, or be corrected to be, 20/22 or better in each eye separately and both eyes together; NEAR VISION ACUITY: Uncorrected: No specific requirement. Corrected or Natural Vision: Must actually be, or be corrected to, 20/30 or better in the better eye or when using both eyes.  Must have the ability to distinguish colors (red, green, amber, blue, black, brown, and yellow) when as determined by an Ishihara Color Vision Test. Must have normal visual function in the full visual field; with normal depth perception and peripheral vision. Must be free from chronic or congenital disease of the eye, which would likely interfere with the visual acuity needed as an essential job requirement of the duties of a Courier. Must have intraocular pressure no greater then 21 mm Hg in each eye; Hearing: Must have no hearing loss greater than 30 decibels at 500, 1000, and 2000 Hz levels in each ear, and must demonstrate normal vestibular function by standard physical examination techniques; Respiratory: Must have no established medical history or medical diagnosis of respiratory dysfunction likely to interfere with the ability to perform Courier duties, including no recent history or likelihood of symptomatic recurrence of chronic lung disease; Metabolic: Must have no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of a metabolic condition likely to interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties; Gastrointestinal: Must have no chronic symptomatic or asymptomatic disease or condition of the gastrointestinal system, which would likely interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties; Cardiovascular: Must have no clinical diagnosis, clinical history or clinical pathology of the cardiovascular system likely to interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties. Must have no clinical diagnosis of uncontrolled or untreated hypertension. Blood pressure readings of 140 systolic and 90 diastolic will be considered presumptive evidence of hypertension; Nervous System: Must have no mental, nervous, organic or functional neuropsychiatric disorder likely to interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties. The determination will be based on medical case history (including past, social and occupational adjustment) and supporting findings by psychiatrists and/or licensed clinical psychologists, including such psychological tests as may be required as part of the medical evaluation.  Must have no medical history or clinical diagnosis of a seizure disorder or disturbance of consciousness without satisfactory explanation of the cause. Must have no other neurological condition, which would likely interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties; Structural/Functional: Must have no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular, or vascular disease that would interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties. Must have no deformity or disease which would interfere with range of motion or dexterity, or which is severe enough to affect adversely the full performance of Courier duties; Speech: Individuals must be free from conditions that interfere with distinct speech likely to interfere with an individual's ability to perform Courier duties; Immunologic: Must have no life threatening allergic responses to environmental toxins or agents which could be encountered in the course of duties as a Courier; Genitourinary: Individuals must have no chronic symptomatic disease or condition of the genitourinary tract likely to interfere with the ability to perform Courier duties; Hemotologic: Must have no life threatening hematologic condition. Must have no established medical history or medical diagnosis of a hematologic disorder likely to interfere with the ability to perform Courier duties.

There is no substitution of education for experience.

Selected individuals will attend a 21-week training academy at Ft. Chaffee/Fort Smith, Arkansas. Travel and per diem expenses will be provided during the candidate training academy. Candidates will reside in a government dormitory while attending the academy. Training at the academy will consist of firearms, tractor-trailer operations, tactics, and other required field and classroom instruction.  Candidates will be evaluated during each portion of the training as well as evaluated for overall performance.  Failure to perform satisfactorily will result in termination from the program and from employment in the Federal Service. Candidates will be required to qualify on assigned weapons at 85%, day and night, and complete the requirements for a Commercial Driver's License during the academy. Failure to meet any qualifications during the training will result in termination from the program and from Federal employment.


  • Position is subject to random drug testing
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug test
  • Must receive a favorable suitability determination
  • Must be able to obtain/maintain a Q security clearance
  • Satisfactory completion of a training academy (approximately 21 weeks)
  • Required to carry a firearm and maintain qualifications on assigned weapons at 85% or higher
  • Under Title 18 USC, Section 922(g)(9), anyone who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence is automatically disqualified from being appointed to a position requiring the possession of a firearm or ammunition, unless such conviction was expunged, set aside, or the applicant received a pardon
  • Must possess or acquire a valid State motor vehicle operator's license prior to appointment; have a satisfactory driving record; and complete the requirements for obtaining a Commercial Driver's License (Class A) during the training academy
  • Will be required to travel outside the duty station on a regular basis approximately 50% of time
  • Occasional exposure to potential dangers from explosives and radioactive or toxic materials may occur
  • A one or two year trial period may be required depending upon the selectee's veterans preference status
  • Couriers are designated as primary positions with special retirement provisions as defined in 5 USC 8336 (c) CSRS and 8412(d) FERS.
  • Applicants must be under age 38 at the time of appointment, with the exception of those applicants who have prior covered service in an approved position for comparable special retirement or who can claim veterans preference
  • Must be able to obtain/maintain certification under the Dept of Energy Human Reliability Program
  • Must meet established physical readiness test standards prior to graduation from the training academy and throughout employment; this is a vertical jump of 22", an 18 second agility run, 35 situps in 60 seconds, a 300 meter run in 61 seconds, 35 pushups to failure, and a 1.5 mile run in 13:49 all within 2 hours. 
  • Must pass a comprehensive medical examination and psychological evaluation and continue to meet these requirements throughout employment.


We will review your application to ensure you meet the job requirements.  If you meet the qualifications requirements and are found to be among the top candidates, your application will be referred to the selecting official for further review.
If your resume is incomplete or does not support the responses you provided in your online questionnaire, or if you fail to submit required documentation before the vacancy closes, you may be rated 'ineligible', 'not qualified', or your score may be adjusted.

Your application and resume should demonstrate that you possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Do not provide a separate narrative written statement. Rather, you must describe in your application how your past work experience demonstrates that you possess the KSAs identified below. Cite specific examples of employment or experience contained in your resume and describe how this experience has prepared you to successfully perform the duties of this position. DO NOT write "see resume" in your application! 
1. Ability to communicate effectively in person-to-person contacts and in a team environment, coordinate activities, and assess issues.
2.  Ability to deal effectively with pressure, determine objectives, set priorities, monitor and evaluate plans, results, and outcome while complying with established control systems and rules.
3.  Skill in maintaining established standards of proficiency with side arms, including maintenance for firearms.
4.  Ability to make effective and timely decisions with limited data or if solutions produce unpleasant consequences while understanding and considering the implications.
5.  Ability to learn, comprehend, and apply courier rules, regulations, laws, orders and procedures relating to protection and security systems.
To preview questions please click here.


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The Department of Energy offers comprehensive and competitive benefits. You may be eligible for some or all of the following:
  • Health, life, dental, vision, and long-term care insurance
  • Retirement program
  • Paid holiday, sick, and vacation time
  • Flexible work schedules and telework
  • Training and education opportunities
  • Transit benefit
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Thrift Savings Plan (401k equivalent)
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Worklife4You Resource
For more information on these benefits, see the USAJOBS Resource Center's Interactive Benefits Page.


Basic Qualification Review process; On-line Interview process; Selecting Official Review process.

If you meet basic qualifications, your application will be certified to the selecting official in veteran’s preference order.  You will be contacted for a written interview. The written set of interview questions must be returned within a specified period of time.  You will be provided instructions on these written interview questions via e-mail. Your responses will be reviewed along with your application before making selections. Failure to respond to the interview questions in the time specified will remove you from continuing in the selection process for employment.

MEDICAL/PHYSICAL FITNESS EVALUATION PROCESS: The medical evaluation will consist of comprehensive medical examination and psychological evaluation as describe in the conditions of employment and Human Reliability Program requirements of this vacancy announcement.
The physical fitness evaluation consists of passing the following within approximately 2-hour:
- Vertical Jump at least 22";
- Agility Run (Illinois) within 18.0 seconds;
- Perform 35 Sit Ups (full sit-up) in 60 seconds;
- Run 300 Meters within 61 seconds;
- 35 Push Ups to failure (no time limit); and
- Run 1.5 Miles in a maximum time of 13:49.
Failure to complete or pass any of the comprehensive medical, psychological or physical fitness evaluations will remove you from further consideration for the position.

Upon completion of the selection process as described above, the application package will be reviewed for security and Human Reliability Program requirements. Upon favorable review of the security and Human Reliability Program requirements the applicant will be informed via a final offer letter of the starting salary and start date of the training academy.

If you are selected for this position, please note, from approximately from November 2013 until July 2014, applicant may be required to be within the continental United States to perform pre-employment drug test, medical examination, psychological examination and security clearance interview and processing. Being in an overseas location during this time may hinder the ability to accomplish items above and impact your ability to complete the required pre-employment processing for this position in time for the academy start date.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit the links at the bottom of this page or visit the FedsHireVets website.
  • If you believe that you are eligible for the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP), please visit the OPM ICTAP/CTAP website for more information. In order to be considered under the ICTAP program, your application must score within the pre-established "well qualified" category as stated in the Qualifications section.
  • More than one selection may be made from this vacancy announcement.
  • Some positions may require completion of a probationary period or a background investigation.
  • All males must abide by laws regarding Selective Service registration. To learn more about this law, visit the Selective Service web page, Who Must Register.


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To be considered for this position, you must submit a complete application no later than 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on the closing date of this announcement. If you fail to submit a complete application prior to the closing time (regardless of when you started) the application system will not allow you to finish. Requests for extensions will not be granted, so please begin the application process allowing yourself enough time to finish before the deadline. Our application system displays a countdown timer in the top-left corner of the screen for your reference.
Steps to submit a complete application:
  1. You must have a USAJOBS account and be logged in.
  2. You must have a completed resume. (Please note that some DOE offices do not accept uploaded resumes and require that you have a completed resume within your USAJOBS profile using the Resume Builder).
  3. Once you are logged in and all of your application materials ready, click the 'Apply Now' button.
  4. You must respond to all applicant assessment questions, carefully following all instructions provided.
  5. You will then be asked to upload additional supporting documentation, which may include (but is not limited to) transcripts, portfolio samples, certifications, and verification of veteran status.
  6. IMPORTANT: In the final step of the application process you will be shown a copy of your resume and all the information you entered during the application process. You must click the 'Finish' button at the bottom of this final page and receive confirmation that your application has been received. If you do not click 'Finish', your application will not be received.

If your resume does not support the responses in your application questionnaire, or if you fail to submit required documentation before the vacancy closes, you may be rated 'ineligible', 'not qualified', or your score may be adjusted accordingly.

  • If you experience any difficulties with the application process (anything after you have clicked the Apply Now button), please contact the HR Specialist listed on this announcement between normal business hours.
  • If you are having trouble with USAJOBS (searching for jobs, account profile issues, or Resume Builder help, please visit the USAJOBS Resource Center or e-mail
  • If you are experiencing a significant hardship which hinders your ability to apply online please contact the HR Specialist listed on this announcement during normal business hours.


Please carefully review the following list to determine what documentation you need to submit. Some documents may not apply to all applicants.
If you are unsure, click the link for each document type to read more.


Arlene Rivera
Phone: 505-845-5814
Fax: 000-000-0000
Agency Information:
National Nuclear Security Administration
P.O. Box 5400
Albuquerque, NM
Fax: 000-000-0000


After each step in the recruitment process, your status will be updated in USAJOBS. You can review your status in USAJOBS at any time. You may also elect to receive status updates via e-mail by changing the notification settings in your USAJOBS profile. Please check that your USAJOBS profile contact information is current and correct each time you apply to a job--this will ensure we are able to contact you as quickly as possible.

HOW YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION: You do not need to call the HR Office to determine your application status. USA JOBS has added an alert setting to their system to drive status updates notification for applicants. We recommend that you update your USA JOBS profile to receive those status updates via e-mail after the announcement closes. We will continue to update your status on-line as changes are made. You can elect to activate the proactive notification from your USA JOBS profile at any point during the application process. Proactive notification will provide you an opportunity to sign-up for automatic alerts when there are status changes for jobs to which you have applied. These alerts will automatically notify you that your status has changed and remind you to check your USA JOBS profile for the specifics.

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