Job Overview


If you are intrigued by the idea of working at a unique federal agency that has a tremendous impact on the funding and advancement of science, engineering and education, then the National Science Foundation is the place for you.  In addition to funding research in traditional academic areas, NSF also supports innovative ideas, novel collaborations and numerous projects that may seem like science fiction today, but become the reality of tomorrow.

NSF has the advantages of a small agency environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and opportunities to contribute to major agency-wide projects. Consistently ranked by its employees as one of the top federal agencies in managing its workforce, NSF maintains a creative, flexible, and collegial atmosphere and is respected in both the federal and scientific arenas for its work in promoting science, technology, education and management best practices. Join our team at one of the best places to work in the federal government and use your knowledge and imagination to keep NSF at the frontier of discovery!
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This is a supervisory position located in the Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of Investigations (OI), at the National Science Foundation.  The OIG is an independent organization with law enforcement authority under the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended and conducts independent and objective audits, investigations, and other reviews to support NSF in its mission.  OI provides leadership, coordination, and recommendations for policies to ensure economy, efficiency, and effectiveness and integrity in the administration of NSF programs and operations.  OI's responsibility is to prevent and detect fraud, waste and abuse and to prevent, detect, and investigate cases involving misconduct in science.  Within the OIG, the OI is responsible for conducting investigations and completing special projects and proactive investigative reviews related to NSF programs and operations.


The Supervisory Attorney-Advisor perform's the following duties:
* Supervises a team of investigative attorneys who, along with criminal investigators and investigative scientists, conduct investigations concerning civil and criminal violations of Federal laws and research misconduct.
* Conducts legal analyses and assistance in the conduct of special projects, multi-disciplinary reviews, outreach and other investigative and analytical efforts. 
* Serves as investigative attorney or case lead for specific investigations.
* Plans, implements, and guides national investigative programs.
* Develops draft policies, criteria, and procedures to resolve complex investigations and complete special projects.
* Develops and implements training strategies to implement new policies, criteria and procedures.
* Prepares and presents lectures at training sessions on federal criminal and civil procedures and policies.
* Renders expert testimony in judicial and administrative proceedings concerning federal criminal and civil investigations.
* Evaluates specific situations on the basis of current law, specific court decisions, and policy to determine appropriate investigative techniques.
* Conducts face-to-face and telephonic interviews to obtain information.
* Independently plans, organizes and conducts extremely difficult and complex investigations of alleged or suspected violations of federal criminal and civil laws and administrative regulations.
* Testifies before grand juries, courts and administrative hearings on investigative results.
* Prepares comprehensive and cohesive investigative reports.
* Recommends appropriate corrective measures, policy changes, and new techniques.
* Assists the Office of Investigations managers in planning, developing, and implementing management goals.