Job Overview


Do you want to work for an exciting educational organization, with the children of our dedicated U.S. Military members?  Our mission is to provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all students for success in a dynamic, global environment.  Come work for the Department of Defense Education Activity, Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools!

The Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS) is currently accepting applications under examining authority of 10 U.S.C., Section 2164, for the above potential job opportunities in DDESS Schools.

Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is a DoD Field Activity responsible for the oversight of two school systems, the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) and the Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary & Secondary Schools (DDESS).   DoDEA employs more than 15,000 individuals responsible for educating approximately 90,000 students in 12 foreign countries, seven states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.   The mission of DoDEA is to provide a quality education from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve for the eligible minor family members of DoD military and civilian personnel on official assignments.

This is a professional teaching position working towards reaching highest student achievement by instructing assigned subject-matter and grade-level(s).


Based upon knowledge of subject matter, associated skills, and experience in teaching the grade level(s) and/or specialization assigned, the Teacher plans, develops, and organizes long-range lesson plans and daily class work to ensure in-depth learning within the timeframe allotted to meet the course/curriculum content standards. Using teaching principles and best practices and standards-based instruction. the Teacher instructs assigned subject(s) and grade level(s) in a classroom or lab setting. Selects, adapts, or modifies teaching methods or materials that experience indicates will be most effective in teaching the assigned grade level(s) and subject matter; possesses a repertoire of strategies to accommodate the differentiated needs of learners; improves the quality of instruction based on subject matter taught; may encourage students to develop skills in research, making maximum use of available/approved education resources. Maintains awareness of student progress through using formative and summative assessment results that inform practice; establishes classroom routines consistent with a healthy learning environment; communicates clear expectations for student success and behavior; integrates approved technology into instruction; respects diversity; collaborates with special education educators to meet the individualized learning requirements of each identified student; and maintains individual and class records using the school information system as appropriate. Supports, counsels, and motivates students to meet or exceed grade-level standards: draws on personal knowledge of the individual student's personality, background, and interests when discussing learning issues, achievements, conduct in class. or any issues for which the student may seek the Teacher's advice; encourages students to become involved in extracurricular activities as appropriate; refers serious and/or chronic behavior problems to the guidance counselor and/or principal in accordance with local policy and procedure; collaborates with other teachers, parents or guardians on matters impacting student learning. Adheres to and, when applicable, implements safety and security procedures: contributes to creating a school climate conducive to learning, achievement, and citizenship; participates in professional development opportunities. as appropriate; participates in committee activities, as required to review, evaluate, and develop educational materials to improve the educational program; participates in DoDEA system-wide assessment programs. as required; informs school administration of education deficiencies, critical issues, and emergencies; may be required to supervise students in such venues as outside activities. lunchroom, and bus arrivals and departures, and may be assigned to serve as a sponsor, coach, or consultant of an extracurricular activity.