Job Overview


Reclamation is a contemporary water management agency. Reclamation is best known for Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River, and Folsom Dam on the American River. Today we are the largest wholesaler of water in the country and the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the western United States. Visit: View our DVD titled "Traditions, Talent, and Teamwork" at:

We have just the opportunity for you!  Come, join us, and become a vital part of the team. Your information management (IT) expertise is needed to provide IT support to project personnel involved in administration, security, engineering, environmental, natural resources, and water and land programs. You'll serve as a valued team member and your work will assist the Northern California Area Office in accomplishing it's mission.

This position is located with the Bureau of Reclamation, Northern California Area Office, Administrative Management Division in Shasta Lake City, California. For information on the Northern California Area Office visit: For information about Shasta Lake City visit:

Additional vacancies may be filled from this vacancy announcement.


Position may be filled at the GS-07 or GS-9 level.  The duties of GS-7 position are developmental in nature, leading to the full performance level of GS-9.  The incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next level of the position upon meeting all regulatory requirements; certification by the supervisor of successful performance; completion of all training requirements; and the availability of work at the next higher grade level.  Note: promotion is not automatic.   At the full performance GS-9 level, the incumbent serves as an IT specializes performing the following:

  • Provides technical assistance to computer users for a wide variety of systems involving administration, engineering, contracts and planning applications on individual computers, file servers, minicomputers, and mainframes. 
  • Investigates, resolves and answers inquiries in person and/or via telephone concerning systems operations; diagnoses system hardware, software, and operation problems; and recommends or performs corrective action.  
  • Performs software installations and upgrades required to maintain up-to-date operating system. Ensures compatibility of IT information systems and applications. Troubleshoots, diagnoses, corrects errors and malfunctions, and resolves routine compatibility problems between new and existing equipment.
  • Performs systems administration duties involving software installations, operating system management, upgrades, account management, user data allocation management, backups, communication management, and security. 
  • Responds to system shutdowns, interruptions, failures and analyzes problems. 
  • Evaluates current work processes and procedures and determines feasibility of proposed applications or modifications for computer processing.  Designs, codes, debugs, documents and tests computer processes.  Performs fact finding to obtain an understanding of job requirements and prepares workflow charts, decision tables, and other needed documents to ensure adequacy and completeness of subsequent computer applications/processes.