Job Overview


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This position is in the Program Analysis Branch (PAB), Budget Division (BD), Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management (BFA), National Science Foundation (NSF). The Budget Division has Foundation-wide responsibility for long- range budget planning; program analysis; budget preparation, presentation, and execution activities; and analytic studies related to budget and program activities. The Program Analysis Branch is responsible for the overall planning and preparation of NSF's annual budgets. PAB responsibilities include production of annual budget requests to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Congress, preparation of documents and special analyses for the President's Budget, preparation and monitoring of annual operating plans, and assisting in the development of long-range plans for the Foundation. The branch provides the NSF Director, senior management, and the National Science Board (NSB) with independent analyses and reviews of programs and identification of programmatic issues. These include assessment of objectives, adequacy of program content, and compatibility and coherence of programs in total and in relation to activities of other Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations and groups.


The National Science Foundation is seeking a Supervisory Program Analyst responsible for the full spectrum of the agency’s strategic planning, program analysis, and budgeting, particularly long-range budget planning, budget formulation, presentation and justification.  The Supervisory Program Analyst coordinates the work of the analysts in the branch to ensure that these various functions are accomplished.  Specific duties include the following: 
- Provides the Division Director and BFA Director/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with analysis of and perspective on programs within the context of (a) overall NSF and Federal support of science and engineering research and education; (b) national priorities, policies, goals objectives, etc., as set forth by the President; and (c) programming parameters as expressed in legislation and Congressional reports. 
- Works with and advises the appropriate directorate personnel, and the Budget Division Director, and their staffs in the development of (a) program plans for budget submissions to the NSF Director and the NSB; (b) program justifications and backup materials for budget submissions to OMB and the Congress; and (c) testimony and supplementary information, responses, and other materials for use in connection with Congressional hearings on agency authorization and appropriation legislation. 
- Identifies, summarizes, and analyzes substantive programmatic, budgetary, policy issues that are imbedded in program plans and budget justification statements; NSF publications; information released to or by the news media, including science and engineering professional journals, television, and newspapers; budget documents, financial plans, and related  materials.  
- Identifies, analyzes and gives advice on existing or potential programmatic or budgetary problems relevant to assigned program activities or to other related activities by evaluating program performance against management goals and objectives.