Job Overview


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The Agricultural Science Research Technician provides support for a Research Agronomist in the Agricultural Systems Research Unit (ASRU) of the Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory (NPARL). General responsibilities are to assist with research in irrigated cropping systems soil, water and nutrient management. The mission of the ASRU at NPARL is to develop ecologically based strategies, technologies, and products for sustainable irrigated and dryland agricultural production systems for the Northern Great Plains.

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The incumbent will participate as a team member with the scientist in all phases of the research process and assumes full technical and operational responsibility for specific phases of the research. Assists in planning and conducting team research in soil, water and nutrient management for irrigated cropping systems aimed to maximize input efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Independently manages day to day research activities based on objectives outlined by the supervisor. Operates plot equipment, installs and repairs field instrumentation and maintains field plots. Contributes to the planning of various steps in experiments and to interpretation and documentation of findings. Selects appropriate methods and procedures for carrying the project plan to completion. Operates and maintains a variety of highly specialized complex equipment which must be calibrated and synchronized to achieve desired results. Keeps exact, detailed records of experimental data. Collects, prepares, evaluates and verifies samples and supporting records. Maintains inventory of chemicals, prepares solutions and reagents for use in the laboratory, and safely disposes of waste materials (both chemical and biological). Supervises temporary employees so as to efficiently accomplish field and laboratory research tasks. Independently initiates action to resolve or correct technical difficulties or recommends potential resolutions to the supervisory. Works effectively in both individual and team-based settings using shared resources and cooperative practices. 

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No