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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  TRAINING
Department:  Department of the Army
Agency:  Army National Guard Units (Title 32)
Job Announcement Number:  14-018

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$57,408.00 to $74,628.00 / Per Year
Friday, October 25, 2013 to Friday, November 08, 2013
Full Time - Permanent
1 vacancy in the following location:
Rock Hill, SC View Map
This Position is open to Current Fulltime Dual Status Military Technicians employed with the South Carolina Army National Guard Only


The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States and one of the Nation's longest-enduring institutions. Since the earliest American colonial days, citizens have joined together for collective defense. We have a proud tradition of coming to the aid of our friends and neighbors in times of serious emergencies. Join our SC National Guard Team and serve your nation, SC and your community! 



Location: 178th ENG BN, ROCK HILL, SC: Selected individual will be required to be assigned within the 178th Engineer BN

Selecting Official: Corol B. Dobson

**NOTE** Temporary and Indefinite Employees are ineligible to apply for this position.

Compatibility: Officer, Warrant Officer, Enlisted

MOS Compatibility: 01A, 011A or Predominant AOC, Branch or MOS of Battalion which is 12A/B.

Possession of this MOS is NOT required for consideration. However, applicant may have up to one(1) year to obtain  this MOS as a contingency of continued employment).


National Guard Membership is Required : This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the South Carolina Army National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.

Application materials must be received by the closing date. Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations Section of this Announcement to understand the qualification requirements, and the How to Apply Section for detailed instruction on applying. If you are applying with a resume created outside of USA Jobs Resume Builder, follow this link to access the Online Questionaire. Otherwise apply using the APPLY ONLINE button at the right of this page to use the RESUME BUILDER resume. 


  • Compatibility: Officer, Warrant Officer, Enlisted
  • Meet minimum physical and screening requirements
  • Meet minimum aptitude requirements for the compatible CMF
  • Attain/Maintain the Security Clearance and NACLC
  • Participate in the Direct Deposit Program


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This position is located in the 178th Engineer BN, in Rock Hill, SC. The purpose of the position is to function as the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the organization, representing the commander in oversight and conduct of all functions of the organization and is responsible to ensure the Commander’s policies are implemented.  Develops training, mobilization and safety plans and procedures for the command.  Provides staff planning and assistance to insure that required training, safety and readiness objectives are achieved and mobilization planning requirements are accomplished.  Activities at this level are concerned with the training of military personnel in a wide variety of occupations including clerical, trades and labor, administrative, technical, and/or professional skills.


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Minimum Requirement: Progressively responsible clerical experience or other work which demonstrated the ability to acquire and to apply a practical knowledge and understanding of the program objectives, policies, procedures, and requirements relating to the work of the position. Experience using computer and automation systems.  

Meeting the months of experience requirement will not by itself be accepted as proof of qualification. Quality, type, and scope of experience, training or education must be demonstrated to show that the applicant is fully qualified to perform duties at the grade level announced. 

Specialized Experience: You MUST have 36 months experience in EACH of the following KSAs: 

1. Experience assembling data into proper formats as directed by oral or written instructions.

2. Experience with maintaining records and establishing a filing system.

3. Experience and ability to follow agency directives in monitoring and controlling a testing environment.

4. Experience in developing lesson plans and assuring plans are followed.

5. Experience obtaining training materials and setting up training equipment (i.e., audio-visual, training aids, etc).

6. Experience receiving, consolidating and analyzing data from subordinate levels and following agency directives using data to prepare plans and reports.

7. Experience determining requirements; requisition, receive, store, and account for test materials.

8. Experience determining requirements, securing and coordinating the use of training sites, facilities, and materials.

9. Experience overseeing a controlled testing environment.

Substitution of Education for Specialized Experience: High school graduate or the equivalent may be substituted for 3 months of specialized experience. Education in schools above the high school level may be substituted for experience on the basis of one academic year of study (i.e., 36 weeks of substantially full-time hours, or the equivalent) for the first 12 months of the required experience.

Note: If you are substituting education for specialized experience, a transcript MUST be submitted with your application.


Employees selected for full-time positions that require mandatory training at the National Guard Professional Education Center (NGPEC) will have 12 months from the date of hire to complete the required course(s). Failure to complete NGB prescribed courses at NGPEC for new personnel within the first year of employment may be cause for reassignment or termination. 

Enlisted Cash Bonuses: Acceptance of a technician position may affect any bonus and/or educational assistance that may be applicable. Your bonus may be terminated and repayment may be required. 

This Position is NOT authorized Relocation Incentives, Retention Incentive, Recruitment Bonuses and/ or PCS costs.

For positions requiring the operation of motor vehicles, candidates must have a valid state driver's license for the state in which they love or are principally employed. 

The South Carolina National Guard is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Soldiers and Airmen will not be assessed, classified, trained, promoted, or otherwise managed on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, reprisal, or non-qualifying handicap. Discrimination due to age or disability are prohibited where not a factor of employment due to military nature of the position. 29 CFR Part 1614. Discrimination due to gender is prohibited except as the direct combat probability coding policy applies to women. 

Veteran Preference: Under PL 90-486, Veteran Preference is not applicable to the National Guard.


Once the application process is complete, a review of your application will be made to ensure you meet the job requirements. To determine if you are qualified for this job, a review of your resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the Assessment Questionnaire. The rating you receive is based on your responses to the questionnaire and supporting documents.

If, after reviewing your resume and or supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications and or experience, your score can and will be adjusted to more accurately reflect your abilities. Please follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may affect your rating.


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1. If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.

2. Please do not send/fax/courier/email any applications or resumes to the National Guard Human Resource Office, you must apply on-line. The Human Resource Office can only process materials received through USA Jobs.


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The Application Process 

To apply for this position, you MUST provide ALL of the following parts:

   1.  Your responses to the Online Assessment Questionaire, and

   2.  Your resume and any other supporting documents.

   3.  SF 181 Race and Ethnicity.

The Application Manager is used for convenience and quickest processing. Track your progress to a Complete Application Package using the MY Application Packages checklist and status displays in Application Manager. Your application package status must be complete by the closing date.

(Here is a link for aiding you in building your resume and some application tips): 


Application Manager 

To BEGIN, choose one of the following options:


If your resume is going to come from the USAJOBs Resume Builder, you begin the process by clicking the Apply Online button near the bottom of this page. Your resume will be attached only to the Online Assessment Questionaire you Complete and Submit from this session, not to any Questionaires you may already have Saved or Submitted.


If your resume is going to be one your prepared outside of USAJOBS Resume Builder, click this link to begin the process:

Tips for using the Online Assessment Questionaire: 

You must click both Finish and Submit when you are done. Your Online Assessment Questionaire is not processed and your resume is not attached until you click the Submit button, even is USAJOBS says it sent your resume.

You can upload supporting documents after you Submit the Online Assessment Questionaire.

You must complete the entire process by the closing date.

To make sure everything you submitted is successfully received, follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in using the box on the right hand side of the page.

2. Click the radio button for this Vacancy Identification Number: 14-018 Click Select a Vacancy.

3. Verify that all of your documents appear on the table with a status of Processed.

You can save your work and come back later. Just click both Save and Logout. When you want to return, go to the Application Manager link and log in using the box on the right hand side of the page.

If you Submit more than one Assessment Questionaire for this position, the most recent one Submitted is the one that is used. Therefore, it is important for you to complete it in its entirety. 


For this job announcement the following documents are required:  

1. Current Resume (Be sure to list your duties and responsibilities as they relate to the qualifying experience as listed above on the announcement)

2. The Online Assessment Questionaire 

3. SF 181 Race and Ethnicity

4. Transcript (If using education to substitute for experience, you MUST submit a transcript) 

5. Military Resume (Optional) Be sure to explain duties of the AFSC held

6. Miscellaneous (Optional)  

Helpful Hints for Applying:

Details about the experience that relates to the position you are applying for.

Be sure to include your applicable military experience.

Provide the Month and Year for the Dates of your experience. 

To submit the documents requested follow the instructions below:

Your document(s) can be submitted electronically using the document upload process within Application Manager. Please ensure that your resume contains your full name, address, phone, birthdate and at least your last four digits of your social security number.

Note: Please ensure that your resume contains the basic information outlined under the Applying for a Federal Job link:



Lonnie M. Griffin
Phone: (803)806-2856
Fax: (803)806-1561
Agency Information:
South Carolina National Guard
The Adjutant General - SC
HRO Staffing
1 National Guard Road
Columbia, SC
Fax: (803)806-1561


Once the Online Assessment Questionnaire and resume is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. After a reveiw of your complete application is made you will be notified electronically of your rating and or referral to the hiring official.  If you are referred, you will be contacted by the hiring official for an interview.


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