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Do you want to perform challenging work in a collegial environment, while enjoying quality of life and a competitive compensation package? Invest in your career at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)!

The SEC's mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. The agency seeks high-caliber professionals who share the same values of integrity, fairness, accountability, resourcefulness, teamwork, and commitment to excellence.

The SEC offers a number of enhanced pay and benefits plus the standard Federal benefits:

·         Paid dental insurance and vision insurance.

·         Increased agency subsidy for health insurance which supplements your health benefits premiums by $25 for self-only coverage, and $50 for family coverage.

·         Mass transportation subsidy up to $245 per month.

·         Telework Opportunities

·         Domestic Partner Health Insurance Reimbursement Program

This position is in the Philadelphia Regional Office located in Philadelphia, PA.

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The Regional Director is responsible for the day-to-day oversight and administration of compliance, investigation and litigation activities in the Philadelphia Regional Office.

Principal functions of this office include (1) inspection of broker-dealers, transfer agents, investment companies and investment advisers; (2) investigation of possible violations of federal securities laws; and (3) trial of civil cases in United States District Courts and administrative proceedings before administrative law judges; (4) interpretations regarding the application and meaning of Commission rules and regulations; and, (5) assistance to United States Attorneys in the prosecution of criminal cases.

Incumbent's primary responsibility is to coordinate the various program and management activities within the region and with the Headquarters staff, as appropriate. In doing so, receives general program and policy guidance and direction and management oversight from the Director of the Division of Enforcement, the Director of the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, and from other Headquarters Divisions/Offices, depending upon the program area involved.

The Regional Director:

·         Is responsible for overseeing the initiation and conduct of investigations deemed necessary to determine whether violations of any of the federal securities laws, or the rules and regulations adopted thereunder, have occurred or are about to occur; the conduct of administrative and district court proceedings resulting from enforcement investigations; the conduct of inspections of broker-dealers, transfer agents, investment advisers and investment companies registered with the Commission; and the continuous review of internal operating procedures of the regional office to improve program execution, to promote increased efficiency of operations and to assure the full utilization of resources.

·         Has overall responsibility, as well as delegated authority, for the oversight and administration of broad, emerging, and/or critical Commission programs or operations.

·         Develops, conceives, plans, and implements policies and guidelines affecting broad, emerging, and/or critical agency programs. Assists in the translation of new legislation into program goals, actions, and policies, interpreting the impact of new legislative requirements on agency programs. Provides input to top executives of the agency on management and internal process improvements to improve the effectiveness of major agency operations and functions.

·         Establishes and clearly communicates performance expectations for staff members. Provides feedback and periodically evaluates staff on performance. Resolves informal complaints and grievances. Takes personnel actions as necessary.  Promotes the spirit and practice of diversity and is responsible for furthering the goals of equal employment opportunity (EEO).

·         Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with senior officials in other SEC Offices and Divisions; state and federal government agencies, civil and criminal; SRO’s, regulated entities, and public companies; the securities bar; and the media. Participates in and leads programs aimed at communicating agency priorities and objectives to industry representatives, investors, other regulators, and members of the bar.

·         Has high-level oversight of regional administrative functions, including internal controls, budgets, information technology, and other administrative support.

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