Job Overview


The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is responsible for ensuring safety of the Nation's passenger and freight rail operations and infrastructure by promoting safe, efficient and accessible rail transportation. The mission and focus of FRA has grown to include the design and management of an unprecedented investment in the creation of a nationwide passenger rail network. FRA is providing leadership for the creation of a more balanced transportation system, transforming the way Americans travel.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has major responsibility to implement this vision through passenger and freight rail programs. FRA has critical hiring needs to meet these growing mission requirements and to prepare our partners and stakeholders. Join our growing team and help FRA develop, improve, and deploy high-performance passenger rail and freight service to transform and revitalize our nation's rail system.
The ideal candidate for this position is a mid-level career professional who is experienced in applying National Environmental Policy Act, environmental sustainability policy, and related laws and regulations to transportation infrastructure projects.  A background working with a range of regulations is preferable, such as the National Historic Preservation Act; U.S. Department of Transportation Act, Section 4(f); Title 23, Statewide and Metropolitan Planning Regulations; Clean Air Act as amended; and Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice. PLEASE NOTE: A writing sample may be requested from applicants who are determined as qualified and referred to the selecting official 


The Environmental Protection Specialist: 

  • Manage a portfolio of environmental reviews for railroad transportation projects. Review and prepare comments on draft environmental documents prepared by other agencies. Prepare and supervise preparation by contractors of a variety of environmental documents required by the National Environmental Policy Act and related laws.
  • Support activities of the Office of Passenger and Freight Programs that may include: providing technical assistance to states, railroads and other entities planning rail projects or services, administer in grants and loans to Amtrak and other railroads or State and local governments; assessing the financial and operating conditions of railroads; and processing applications for financial assistance under grant programs and the Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Program. Coordinate with state, local and other Federal agencies to ensure successful completion of projects including required agreements and permits.
  • Provides advice to grantees in the preparation of passenger (including high-speed) and freight rail planning, service analysis, and investment strategies as well as the development of passenger and freight railroad plans and programs for presentation to high level State or local officials and/or industry or community forums.  
  • Represent FRA in State and local rail planning meetings, site visits, and public hearings with State and local partners, private industry partners and the public. Work individually or with higher-graded staff on projects and serve as a team member for most assignments. Work with environment team to advance policies and practices that support a systematic interdisciplinary approach to environmental planning.

Travel Required

  • Not Required