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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Director, National Operations Center
Department:  Department Of Homeland Security
Agency:  DHS Headquarters
Job Announcement Number:  CHCO-13-013-DHS-969770

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$119,554.00 to $179,700.00 / Per Year
Friday, September 27, 2013 to Friday, October 18, 2013
Full Time - Permanent
1 vacancy in the following location:
Washington DC, DC United StatesView Map
United States Citizens


In today's interconnected world our country's security challenges are constantly evolving. To meet these challenges, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fosters a culture that values and promotes diversity, teamwork, flexibility, and innovation. With a diverse and critical mission, we lead the unified national effort to secure America.

The mission of DHS is carried out every day by dedicated men and women who answer the noble call to public service with superior courage.  Come be a part of the best in preventing and deterring terrorist attacks, protecting against and responding to potential threats, ensuring safe and secure borders, welcoming immigrants and visitors, and promoting the free-flow of commerce. 

For an overview of the diverse responsibilities DHS carries out within the Government, we welcome you to visit our website at


This position is located in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of the Secretary, Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC).  The Department has five primary missions: prevent terrorism and enhance security; secure and manage our borders, enforce and administer our immigration laws; safeguard and secure cyber space; and ensure resilience to disasters. 


A critical responsibility of OPS is the management of the National Operations Center (NOC), the Secretary's strategic-level operations center responsible for maintaining situational awareness and sharing a common understanding of the homeland security threat and operating environment.


  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Obtain a Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) clearance
  • A one-year SES probationary period may be required.
  • If selected, Executive Personnel Financial Disclosure (SF-278) is required.


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The Director, National Operations Center (NOC), is a key member of the Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) leadership team, reporting to the Operations Coordination Division (OCD) Director.  In this role, the Director, has managerial authority over all plans, operations and programs within the NOC and provides leadership and direction for a robust staff. 


The NOC operates as a matrixed organization and includes five major functional elements: the 24/7 multi-agency Watch, the Intelligence Watch and Warning Division, the National Infrastructure Coordination Center, the National Response Coordinating Center and the Planning Element.  The NOC Director is responsible collaboration and coordination of all five NOC elements to ensure teamwork and unity of effort. 


The Director plays a key role in maintaining situational awareness regarding critical ongoing matters and transitioning the NOC and the DHS staff to crisis operations when a natural or man-made disaster or terrorist event occurs.


The Director provides the leadership, vision, guidance, direction and managerial authority over the NOC to ensure Operations Coordination Division has the necessary information and situational awareness for the OPS Director to brief the DHS Secretary on matters requiring strategic-level guidance or actions.


  • Oversees the integration of the NOC functions, the execution of NOC operations, and the training of NOC personnel.
  • Develops and implements the NOC Strategic Plan and the National Reporting System.
  • Participates in and supports the Crisis Action Process and leads Crisis Action Teams.  Manages the NOC crisis support deployment teams.
  • Plans and leads analytical studies and evaluations to determine long-range impact of NOC activities pertaining to the prevention of terrorist attacks, incident management, and other NOC operations/functions.
  • Represents the NOC at inter-agency and intra-departmental meetings related to varied prevention, protection, response, recovery, coordination, and other operation issues that have broad scope and impact.
  • Ensures the training and certification of NOC permanent and rotational staff; inter-agency and intra-departmental coordination of information critical to current state events; reporting and notification structures and methodologies; standard operating procedures; operating instructions; shift scheduling; deployment scheduling; and continuity of operations for the NOC.
  • Oversees DHS and inter agency notifications, alerts, and updates and collaborates across DHS and the inter agency to discuss immediate response.



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As a basic requirement for entry into the SES, applicants must provide evidence of progressively responsible leadership experience that is indicative of senior executive level management capability and directly related to the skills and abilities outlined under Technical Qualifications and Executive Core Qualifications listed below.  Typically, experience of this nature will have been gained at or above the GS-15 grade level in the federal service or its equivalent in the private sector.
To meet the minimum qualification requirements for this position, you must show in your resume that you possess the five Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and the Technical Qualifications (TQs) listed below:

We recommend that your resume emphasize your level of responsibilities, the scope and complexity of the programs managed, and your program accomplishments, including the results of your actions.
The application process used to recruit for this position is RESUME-ONLY.  Although you should not address the ECQs or TQs separately, evidence of each must be clearly reflected in your resume.

Any information in excess of 5 pages WILL NOT be considered.

A sample 5-page resume that incorporates ECQs and TQs can be viewed on this link


Technical Qualification(s) - Mandatory
TQ-1:  Demonstrated operational experience at the national-level and expert knowledge of operations centers and interagency and departmental coordination processes.  Experience in managing and leading staff involved in homeland security efforts.


TQ-2:  Demonstrated experience in coordinating operational requirements at the strategic-level to provide situational awareness and continuous support throughout the decision-making process.


Executive Core Qualifications
ECQ 1 - LEADING CHANGE: This core qualification involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization, to meet organizational goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to establish an organizational vision and to implement it in a continuously changing environment.
ECQ 2 - LEADING PEOPLE: This core qualification involves the ability to lead people toward meeting the organization's vision, mission, and goals. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.
ECQ 3 - RESULTS DRIVEN: This core qualification involves the ability to meet organizational goals and customer expectations. Inherent to this ECQ is the ability to make decisions that produce high-quality results by applying technical knowledge, analyzing problems, and calculating risks.
ECQ 4 - BUSINESS ACUMEN: This core qualification involves the ability to manage human, financial, and information resources strategically.
ECQ 5 - BUILDING COALITIONS: This core qualification involves the ability to build coalitions internally and with other Federal agencies, State and local governments, nonprofit and private sector organizations, foreign governments, or international organizations to achieve common goals.
Additional information on the Executive Core Qualifications is available at

5-Page Resume adressing the TQs and ECQs.


You will be evaluated on the quality and extent of your total accomplishments, experience, and education.  Your resume will be evaluated by a rating and ranking panel, and highly qualified candidates may undergo an interview and a reference check.  The DHS Executive Resources Board (ERB) will review results and make recommendations on final selections to the appointing authority.  Unless you have already been certified by a Qualifications Review Board (QRB) in the past, your ECQs must be certified by a QRB before appointment can occur. 


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Working for The Department of Homeland Security offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes, in part, paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, life insurance, health benefits, and participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System. The following Web address is provided for your reference to explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees.  To find out more click here


Veteran's Preference does not apply to the SES.


Relocation expenses will NOT be paid.


Probationary period: You will serve a one-year probationary period unless you previously completed the probationary period in the SES.


If you are a male applicant who was born after 12/31/59 and are required to register under the Military Selective Service Act, the Defense Authorization Act of 1986 requires that you be registered or you are not eligible for appointment in this agency.


DHS is an equal employment employer: Selection for positions will be based solely on merit without regard to race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status or other differences. 

DHS provides reasonable accomodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accomodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify us. Decisions on granting reasonable accomodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.


Effective January 1, 2010, OPM must authorize any employment offers made to current or former (within the last 5 years) political Schedule A, Schedule C, or Noncareer SES employees in the Executive Branch.  If you are currently, or have been within the last 5 years, a political Schedule A, Schedule C, or Noncareer SES employee, please indicate this in your resume.  Serving in a Schedule A, Schedule C, or Noncareer SES appointment WILL NOT eliminate you from consideration.



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To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package which includes:

1. Your Résumé
2. A complete Occupational Questionnaire

The complete Application Package must be submitted by fax or online through Application Manager by 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, October 18, 2013


To apply online:

1. Click the Apply Online button at the top right of the vacancy announcement to begin, by either creating an account or logging in to your existing USAJOBS account. 

2. You will be prompted to create an account or log in to your existing Application Manager account to complete the occupational questionnaire and upload your 5-page resume. (USAJOBS portfolio documents will not be accepted, therefore applicants are required to upload a 5-page resume through Application Manager.)

3. Ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process. 

To fax:

1. Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire

2. Click this link to view and print the 1203FX form to provide your response to the occupational questionnaire, and
3. Fax the completed 1203FX form along with your 5-page resume to 1-478-757-3144. Your 1203FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission.


Note: To check the status of your application or return to a previous or incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account, select Application Status, and click on the more information link under the application status for this position. (This will only be applicable to applicants who applied through USAJOBS.)


A 5 page resume and occupational questionnaire.


Theresa Givens
Phone: (202)357-8255
Agency Information:
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters
Washington, DC


Once the online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. After a review of your complete application is made you will be notified of your rating and or referral to the hiring official.  If further evaluation or interviews are required you will be contacted.  

Instructions for answering the questions in the Occupational Questionnaire:

If you are applying to this announcement by completing the OPM 1203-FX form instead of using the Online Application method, please use the following step-by-step instructions as a guide to filling out the required questionnaire. You will need to print the vacancy announcement and refer to it as you answer the questions. You may omit any optional information; however, you must provide responses to all required questions (including are you willing to be drug tested). Be sure to double check your application before submission.

Social Security Number

Enter your Social Security Number. Providing your Social Security Number is voluntary, however we can not process your application without it.

Vacancy Identification Number

The Vacancy Identification Number is: 969770

1. Title of Job

Director, National Operations Center

2. Biographic Data

3. E-Mail Address

4. Work Information

5. Employment Availability

6. Citizenship

Are you a citizen of the United States?
7. Background Information

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

8. Other Information

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

9. Languages

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

10. Lowest Grade

Enter the lowest grade level (00-00) you will accept.


11. Miscellaneous Information

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

12. Special Knowledge

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

13. Test Location

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

14. Veteran Preference Claim

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

15. Dates of Active Duty - Military Service

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

16. Availability Date

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

17. Service Computation Date

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

18. Other Date Information

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

19. Job Preference

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

20. Occupational Specialties

The occupational specialty will be selected for you if there is only one, otherwise, select/enter at least one occupational specialty code for this position. The specialty code for this position is:

001 US Citizens

21. Geographic Availability

The geographic location code will be selected for you if there is only one, otherwise, select/enter at least one geographic location in which you are intrested and will accept employment. The location code for this position is:

110010001 Washington DC, DC

22. Transition Assistance Plan

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

23. Job Related Experience

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

24. Personal Background Information

If you are applying by the OPM Form 1203-FX, leave this section blank.

25. Occupational/Assessment Questions:

1. Are you willing to take and be subjected to random drug testing?

A. Yes
B. No


Are you currently, or have you been within the last 5 years, a political Schedule A, Schedule C, or Non-Career SES employee in the Executive Branch?

A. Yes
B. No

3. Have you graduated from an OPM approved SES Candidate Development Program? (If you selected 'yes', please include this statement at the top of your resume.)

A. Yes
B. No

4. Are you a current or former Career SES and your ECQs have been certified by OPMs Qualifications Review Board (QRB)?  (If 'yes', include this statement at the top of you resume).

A. Yes
B. No

5. As a former or current Career SES, have you completed a one-year Career-SES Probationary Period?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Not Applicable


I acknowledge that I understand that the method of recruitment for this position is the Resume-Only Method, and I have thoroughly reviewed the 'How to Apply' section of this Vacancy Announcement. The only required document is a 5-Page Resume and any additional pages and documents will not be considered.  I understand that failure to fax or upload a 5-page resume by the vacancy announcement's closing date may result in loss of further consideration.  I have reviewed this link as a tool to ensure that my resume incorporates the required ECQs and TQs.

A. Yes
B. No

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