Job Overview


In today's interconnected world our country's security challenges are constantly evolving. To meet these challenges, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fosters a culture that values and promotes diversity, teamwork, flexibility, and innovation. With a diverse and critical mission, we lead the unified national effort to secure America.

The mission of DHS is carried out every day by dedicated men and women who answer the noble call to public service with superior courage.  Come be a part of the best in preventing and deterring terrorist attacks, protecting against and responding to potential threats, ensuring safe and secure borders, welcoming immigrants and visitors, and promoting the free-flow of commerce. 

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This position is located in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of the Secretary, Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS), National Operations Center (NOC).  The Department has five primary missions: prevent terrorism and enhance security; secure and manage our borders, enforce and administer our immigration laws; safeguard and secure cyber space; and ensure resilience to disasters. 

A critical responsibility of OPS is the management of the National Operations Center (NOC), the Secretary's strategic-level operations center responsible for maintaining situational awareness and sharing a common understanding of the homeland security threat and operating environment.


The Director, National Operations Center (NOC), is a key member of the Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) leadership team, reporting to the Operations Coordination Division (OCD) Director.  In this role, the Director, has managerial authority over all plans, operations and programs within the NOC and provides leadership and direction for a robust staff. 

The NOC operates as a matrixed organization and includes five major functional elements: the 24/7 multi-agency Watch, the Intelligence Watch and Warning Division, the National Infrastructure Coordination Center, the National Response Coordinating Center and the Planning Element.  The NOC Director is responsible collaboration and coordination of all five NOC elements to ensure teamwork and unity of effort. 

The Director plays a key role in maintaining situational awareness regarding critical ongoing matters and transitioning the NOC and the DHS staff to crisis operations when a natural or man-made disaster or terrorist event occurs.

The Director provides the leadership, vision, guidance, direction and managerial authority over the NOC to ensure Operations Coordination Division has the necessary information and situational awareness for the OPS Director to brief the DHS Secretary on matters requiring strategic-level guidance or actions.

  • Oversees the integration of the NOC functions, the execution of NOC operations, and the training of NOC personnel.
  • Develops and implements the NOC Strategic Plan and the National Reporting System.
  • Participates in and supports the Crisis Action Process and leads Crisis Action Teams.  Manages the NOC crisis support deployment teams.
  • Plans and leads analytical studies and evaluations to determine long-range impact of NOC activities pertaining to the prevention of terrorist attacks, incident management, and other NOC operations/functions.
  • Represents the NOC at inter-agency and intra-departmental meetings related to varied prevention, protection, response, recovery, coordination, and other operation issues that have broad scope and impact.
  • Ensures the training and certification of NOC permanent and rotational staff; inter-agency and intra-departmental coordination of information critical to current state events; reporting and notification structures and methodologies; standard operating procedures; operating instructions; shift scheduling; deployment scheduling; and continuity of operations for the NOC.
  • Oversees DHS and inter agency notifications, alerts, and updates and collaborates across DHS and the inter agency to discuss immediate response.