Job Overview


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This position is for the Director, Office of Survey Development and Statistical Integration, Assistant Administrator for Energy Statistics (OES), Energy Information Administration (EIA).  The incumbent interacts with the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Assistant Administrator for Energy Statistics, and other Departmental officers who require data collection and statistical integration related services, in order to determine priorities, plan for responding to data requests, and allocate and manage resources and program activities among several informal teams of employees directed by the Office Director.  The incumbent ensures the effective and efficient functioning of the Office in meeting its goals and objectives.


The Director provides leadership and direction to the analysis, development, and implementation of survey, sampling, and other collection systems and techniques as part of EIA’s comprehensive energy supply and demand data collection program.   Responsibilities include the following:

  • Provides overall strategic planning, direction, and management for the Office’s programs.
  • Directs the formulation, defense, administration, and evaluation of resources (funding, staffing, information, contracts) necessary to conduct the Office’s activities; makes resource allocation decisions among competing needs of the Office’s activities and teams.
  • Directs the development of sampling and survey methodologies including sample selection, data editing, imputation, estimation, validation, continuity, and error measurement to ensure statistical rigor and consistency in EIA’s comprehensive energy supply and demand data collection program.
  • Directs reviews of data operations to ensure compliance with applicable specifications, agreements, and laws in the use of information gathered in EIA’s comprehensive energy data supply and demand data collection program in order to protect contributor’s commercial and other interests.
  • Oversees the establishment and revision of EIA Standards in support of EIA and government-wide Information Quality Guidelines.
  • Coordinates outreach with the statistical community including management of American Statistical Association Committee on Energy Statistics.

Travel Required

  • Not Required