Job Overview


CNPP works to improve the health and well-being of Americans by developing and promoting dietary guidance that links scientific research to the nutrition needs of consumers. CNPP develops integrated nutrition research and provides the evidence-based science and nutrition education and promotion programs. It is a recognized authority for providing the best evidence-based scientific dietary guidance for the American public. CNPP’s staff consists of nutritionists, economists, dietitians, food scientists, nutrition educators and program managers. Our nutrition promotion component works effectively with policy makers, academic and health professionals, the media, and public and private organizations to improve the diet and health of the American public. CNPP provides leadership, technical expertise, and coordination for the development of the legislatively mandated Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We create and manage USDA’s ChooseMyPlate Food Guidance System, which communicates and implements the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. CNPP’s “brand,” ChooseMyPlate, is a state-of-the art web-based source of nutrition guidance tools recognized and used internationally by policy makers, researchers, and educators.

This position is located in the Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion in Alexandria, Virginia.  CNPP is part of the FNCS mission area.  FNCS provides excellent opportunities for specialized training through its own facilities and outside resources. Career guidance and on and off-the-job training programs are tailored to an individual employee's needs. If you want to apply your knowledge and skills to food program activities that seek to strengthen America, there is a challenging and rewarding career waiting for you at FNCS!

This position is being concurrently announced under Merit Promotion procedures on FNCS-13-001-HMS. Disabled Veterans, candidates with 3 or more years of active duty military service, and candidates eligible for special hiring authorities can apply to the Merit Promotion announcement if they meet criteria for the above and include supporting documents. Depending on a variety of circumstances, telework may be available.


This position serves as the Director of the Public Affairs Program in the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. In this position, the incumbent will:

  • Conduct the public affairs program within CNPP with responsibility for planning, designing, and executing the program to inform and educate the general and specialized publics and partners about the Agency’s programs, activities, and services.
  • Direct the public affairs program(s), program segments or projects requiring significant human and/or financial resources.
  • Responds to information requests from the news media, specialized and general publics, and partners on the nutrition assistance programs in written and oral form, often requiring detailed explanations of negative comments made on Agency activities or performance in a particular situation. Requires a high degree of diplomacy, tact and political savvy.