Job Overview


 Do you want to make an impact on marine mammal conservation?

As the Administrative Officer for the Marine Mammal Commission, the incumbent plans, formulates, executes, and monitors organizational budgets. Performs budget oversight and oversees the formulations of budget estimates and justifications. Analyzes financial and budget control statements to advise management on the status of funds. Recommends approval or disapproval of funding requests.

Provides, secures, or negotiates for the resources or services needed to manage an office. Develops statements of work. Establishes and oversees procedures for the receipt, review, and follow-up on requisitions for purchases from federal and special funds. Writes and prepares a variety of personnel documents to include vacancy announcements, job analysis, crediting plans, and personnel actions. Prepares reports that respond to OMB, OPM, Department of State, EEO, GSA, and other agencies. Responds to other reporting requirements as necessary.

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1) All U.S. Citizens; please apply under occupational speciality 001 if you don't meet any of the criteria listed below.

2) Status Candidates - this includes current Federal employees who serve under a competitive career or career-conditional appointment in the competitive service, reinstatement eligibles (former Federal employees who served under a career appointment in the competitive service) and VEOA eligibles (veterans with preference and veterans who have been honorably discharged and substantially completed at least 3 years of continuous active duty service.  Please apply under occupational specialty 002 if you meet the criteria mentioned above; and

3) Noncompetitive and Special Hiring Authorities - this includes applicants who are eligible for noncompetitive or special appointment authorities such as: 30% or more compensably disabled veterans, Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA - for positions at GS-11 and below), and persons with disabilities (Schedule A), military spouse preference, Federal employees in excepted positions covered under an interchange agreement, and other eligible special hiring authorities (such as Peace Corps, Boren Fellows, etc.). This also includes applicants who previously held, or currently hold, this position and grade with the same promotion potential as announced for this position. For more information about special hiring authorities, visit Please apply under occupational specialty 003 if you meet the criteria mentioned above.  

Documentation to verify your eligibility under Noncompetitive and Special Hiring Authorities or as a Status Candidate needs to be submitted with your application in order to be considered.

More than one vacancy may be filled through this announcement.

Full Performance Level:13


As an Administrative Officer with the Marine Mammal Commission, under the immediate supervision of the Executive Director, you will:

·       Manage the Commission’s budget, finance, procurement, travel, human resources, records, and report requirements.   

·       Interpret and assess the impact of new and revised Congressional legislation on the formulation of budgets. 

·       Analyze and consolidate budget estimates into a budget document that reflects the Commission’s balanced funding needs. 

·       Develop allocation reports and review and analyze monthly budget data to monitor and modify spending. 

·       Review and process human resource actions (recruitment, promotion, reassignment, retirement, etc.) to ensure that all case areas are properly supported and consistent with sound management principles and practices. 

·       Maintain close liaison with the servicing human resource office to ensure that actions are processed expeditiously to provide additional information and/or documentation that effects actions.