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You will serve as a senior biologist and technical advisor for Federal activities in the Bay-Delta Fish and Wildlife Office (FWO) located in Sacramento, California.

The Bay-Delta FWO has the lead for the Fish and Wildlife Service on all fish and wildlife resource issues within the San Francisco Bay Delta area, including regulatory decisions that affect the water supply for nearly 25 million people and over 7 million acres of agricultural land. You will assist in the technical review of the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), and related Endangered Species Act (ESA) requirements, including reviewing and commenting on effects analysis, environmental impact reports/statements for critical and controversial Bay-Delta issues.

Note:  This position is also being announced under merit promotion procedures, open to current and former federal employees. See vacancy R8-13-957209-DG if you want to be considered under merit promotion procedures.

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Planning, conducting and reviewing on-site ecological investigations on complex Federal land and water resource development projects to determine their effect on listed estuarine species and species-at-risk.

Negotiating mitigation of complex project impacts with project proponents and regulatory agencies.

Participating in comprehensive planning efforts to restore and improve estuarine aquatic and terrestrial habitats and natural processes in the San Francisco Estuary to support diverse plant and animal species.

Planning, coordinating and conducting programs for the recovery of listed estuarine species on public and private lands.

Conducting restoration of natural estuarine habitats for California’s native fish and wildlife through implementation of legislation and policies affecting management of land and water resources, including the BDCP.

Assisting in the development of Habitat Conservation Plans with multi-species, multi-jurisdictional, and regional aspects.

Writing scientific reports and delivering presentations on results of investigations and analysis of project alternatives.

If selected at the GS-11 grade level, you will perform the same kind of duties but under closer supervision, and training will be provided to prepare you for progression toward the full performance level of GS-12.