Job Overview


The Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of SES members from all sources: within VA, the Federal government, and from the private sector. We have streamlined our recruitment process and now only require you to submit a 5 page resume to apply for this position. Because of this improvement, we are only announcing our positions for 14 days.

This position serves as the Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA) Regional Office Director in San Diego, California.  With a staff of approximately 545 employees, the regional office administers benefits and services for a variety of programs including Compensation, Pension, and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.  Other services provided include benefits counseling, and outreach services for the homeless, elderly, minority, and women Veterans, and public affairs.   The position oversees VBA benefits and services for veterans and beneficiaries located in Imperial, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties. The veteran population served by the regional office is approximately 1.9 million.  

VA structures its SES positions into pay bands. This is a pay band 3 position and the salary range is $119,554 - $165,300. Exceptions to the salary cap may be considered in certain circumstances.

A recruitment or relocation incentive and/or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs and Appraised Value Offer (formerly Guaranteed Home Buyout) may be authorized.




The Director, VA Regional Office, reports through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Area Director to the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Field Operations. The position requires the effective and economical direction, control, and operation of benefits and services provided by law to veterans, their dependents and beneficiaries. Responsibilities include:

• Lead the regional office in providing benefits and services for veterans, dependents, and beneficiaries 

• Establish policies and procedures consistent with corporate VA guidelines 

• Provide executive leadership and direction to subordinate organizational units 

• Manage available financial and human capital resources (includes presenting of regional budget)

• Direct continuing programs for quality control in regional operations and implements corresponding actions

• Capture changing needs of varying customers via outreach in veteran communities, conventions, etc.