Job Overview


Do you want to perform challenging work in a collegial environment, while enjoying quality of life and a competitive compensation package? Invest in your career at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)!

The Securities and Exchange Commission's mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. The agency seeks high-caliber employees who share the same values of integrity, fairness, accountability, resourcefulness, teamwork, and commitment to excellence.

The SEC offers a number of enhanced pay and benefits plus the standard Federal benefits:

·         Paid dental insurance and vision insurance.

·         Increased agency subsidy for health insurance which supplements your health benefits premiums by $25 for self-only coverage, and $50 for family coverage.

·         Mass transportation subsidy up to $245 per month.

·         Telework Opportunities

·         Domestic Partner Health Insurance Reimbursement Program

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This position is in the Division of Trading and Markets, Office of Market Supervision located in Washington, DC. 

The Division of Trading and Markets establishes and maintains standards for fair, orderly, and efficient markets. It regulates the major securities market participants, including broker-dealers, self-regulatory organizations (such as stock exchanges, FINRA, and clearing agencies), and transfer agents.


The incumbent plans, directs, and supervises an active program of regulation of the securities industry, both directly and through supervision of industry self-regulation by the exchanges; organizes projects which may involve review and analysis of significant rule change proposals submitted by self-regulatory organizations (SROs) or the implementation of Commission rulemaking as a means of addressing particular problems in the Commission's regulation of national market system issues.

Performs the administrative and human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised; plans, schedules, and assigns work to subordinates. Establishes guidelines and performance expectations for staff members; provides feedback and periodically evaluates employee performance. Provides advice, counsel, and/or instruction to staff members and organizes task forces consisting or attorneys and other professionals from within the office.

Performs independent analysis of legal memoranda and reports prepared by the staff; summarizes factual and legal issues involved; briefs the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Associate Directors with respect thereto and presents recommendations as to proper course of action.

Assists the Director, the Deputy Director, and the Associate Directors in developing additional rules, regulations and policies in the area of self-regulatory oversight, designed to assure appropriate and effective oversight by self-regulators, the coordination of self-regulators' compliance and surveillance programs, and the evolution of new self-regulatory programs; provides professional legal advice and guidance to a range of individuals in SEC and other agencies as appropriate. Advises on questions of structure and operations of the national securities exchanges, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) or the implementation of new regulatory initiatives and policy that affect their operations; serves as SEC's representative for discussions regarding assigned program areas.