Job Overview


If you are intrigued by the idea of working at a unique federal agency that has a tremendous impact on the funding and advancement of science, engineering and education, then the National Science Foundation is the place for you. In addition to funding research in traditional academic areas, NSF also supports innovative ideas, novel collaborations and numerous projects that may seem like science fiction today, but become the reality of tomorrow.

At NSF, you will use your administrative support expertise in an exciting, challenging, and team-oriented environment. You will have the opportunity to use your current skills to help make NSF's vision of the future become reality. NSF also offers a variety of formal and informal learning and development opportunities that you can use to build new skills and advance your career. If you’re seeking variety and challenge in a collegial atmosphere, look no further than NSF! More about NSF.
This position is located in the Directorate for Geosciences, Division of Polar Programs which is the NSF focal point for basic research and its operation support in the Arctic and Antarctic. The funds are provided as NSF grants to institutions (mainly U.S. universities), whose scientists perform the research at the institutions or in a polar region, and as cooperative agreements or contracts to support organizations including contractors and the U.S. military.


Prepares documentation for the Program Office to support funding actions for contracts and interagency agreements.  Researches appropriate regulations/policies and prepares documentation for the Program Office to support funding actions for contracts and interagency agreements.
Collaborates with the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) on preparing and maintaining files.  Provides advice and guidance on best practices and approaches for managing file content.
Tracks and reconciles approved budgets to actual expenditures, available funding and invoices submitted by Federal agencies and contractors.  Serves as the technical expert in reviewing invoices submitted by Federal agencies and contractors.
Collaborates with the COR on the development and tracking of contract performance metrics and provides technical assistance for the development of award fee reports.  Provides support to the COR for program management reviews by tracking major action items, resolving issues and developing recommendations for corrective actions. 
Serves as the subject matter expert on developing and implementing processes and procedures for monitoring receipt of contract deliverables and review of documents for compliance with contract terms and conditions.
Provides guidance, advice and technical consultation to the COR on monitoring the contractor's change management process.
Oversees the process for identifying most advantageous contracting options for meeting operational requirements, researches and analyzes requirements and compares to level of services or technical expertise from various vendors.