Job Overview


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC, is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity. FERC also regulates natural gas and hydropower projects. As part of our goal, we are seeking highly skilled individuals to assist in carrying out the mission of this agency. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission assists consumers in obtaining reliable, efficient and sustainable energy services at a reasonable cost through appropriate regulatory and market means. To learn more about the Commission, please visit

This position is located in the Office of Electric Reliability. The Office of Electric Reliability helps protect and improve the reliability and security of the nation's bulk power system through the effective regulatory oversight established by Congress and the President in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This includes overseeing the development and review of mandatory and enforceable reliability standards, as well as ensuring compliance with the approved reliability standards by the users, owners and operators of the bulk power system.                                                     
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More than one selection may be made from this announcement and the office for that selection may vary.


As an Electrical Engineer in the Office of Electric Reliability, your duties will include the following:

  • Review filings submitted to the Commission to identify and analyze reliability issues on the bulk power system.
  • Provide bulk power engineering analysis for internal assessments and to support other divisions and offices.
  • Participate in standards development process, and review and advise on reliability standards filed with the Commission.
  • Conduct investigations following bulk power system incidents, notifications, requests, or complaints.
  • Conduct compliance audits of the users, owners, and/or operators of the bulk power system.