Job Overview


Become a part of our mission to maintain and strengthen the vitality of the US science and engineering enterprise. For over 60 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has remained the premier Federal agency supporting basic research at the frontiers of discovery across all fields, as well as science and engineering education at all levels.

NSF Program Managers bear the primary responsibility for carrying out the agency's overall mission to support innovative and merit-reviewed activities in basic research and education that contribute to the nation's technical strength, security, and welfare. To fulfill this responsibility requires not only knowledge in the appropriate disciplines, but also a commitment to high standards, a considerable breadth of interest and receptivity to new ideas, a strong sense of fairness, good judgment, and a high degree of personal integrity.

The NSF is seeking qualified candidates for Program Manager positions with special interest in, but not limited to, areas such as China, Africa, Near East, South and East Asia and/or the Americas within the International Science and Engineering (ISE) Section of The Office of International and Integrative Activities (IIA), Office of the Director (OD) in Arlington, VA. The IIA works across disciplinary and geographic boundaries to lead and coordinate strategic programs and opportunities that: advance research excellence and innovation; develop human and infrastructure capacity critical to the U.S. science and engineering enterprise; and promote global engagement of scientists and engineers at all career stages.

With IIA, the ISE serves as a focal point for international science and engineering activities both inside and outside NSF. ISE promotes the development of an integrated, Foundation-wide international strategy, and manages international programs that are innovative, catalytic, and responsive to a broad range of NSF interests. ISE invests in programs that expand and enhance leading-edge international research and education opportunities for U.S. scientists and engineers, especially at the early career stage. ISE supports international-related research in any disciplinary field supported by NSF and in any global region. It works to build and strengthen effective institutional partnerships throughout the global science and engineering research and education community, and it supports international collaborations in NSF's priority research areas.

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The individual selected for this position will serve as a Program Manager. The Program Manager:

  • Designs and implements high quality proposal solicitations, reviews and recommendations, making program funding, and program management recommendations, often in close coordination with foreign NSF counterpart agencies;
  • Contributes to the intellectual integration of programs supported by IIA/ISE, and monitors ongoing grants, contracts, interagency and cooperative agreements to ensure fulfillment of commitments to NSF;
  • Evaluates the progress of awards through the review and evaluation of reports and publications and by conducting of onsite or offsite meetings with awardees;
  • Works with NSF directorates and U.S. researchers to identify and facilitate new opportunities for partnerships and leveraging of resources;
  • Contributes to the establishment of section-wide goals and objectives, initiating new program thrusts and phasing out old programs;
  • Supports NSF's representational and diplomatic obligations for meetings with international visitors and delegations;
  • Conducts outreach within NSF and within the larger STEM community to publicize NSF funding opportunities that advance international collaboration;
  • Recommends new or revised policies and plans scientific, fiscal, and administrative matters to improve program management and implementation; and
  • Engages in coordinated management responsibility for NSF-wide initiatives and assists in the coordination of policies and programs with other Federal agencies and with U.S. and foreign scientific organizations.