Job Overview


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in motor vehicle and highway safety. The agency strives to exceed the expectations of its customers through its core values of Integrity, Service and Leadership. Save lives, prevent injuries and reduce economic costs due to road traffic crashes, through education, research, safety standards and enforcement activity. Work for NHTSA.

You will serve as a Contract Officer Representative (COR). As the COR, you will be expected to provide the Office of Vehicle Safety Research technical and administrative assistance through the acquisition life cycle- from budget and acquisition planning through purchase requisition/process support, contract award, administration tracking and closeout. For certain activities, you will be considered the program office's primary point of contact with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) to ensure contract and financial objectives and obligations are met. You will also provide various administrative assistance to the Associate Administrator, Office Directors, Division Chiefs, and Team Leaders.
NHTSA is looking for an experienced Contracting Officer Representative to help relieve the administrative burden placed on our engineering staff serving as Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (COTR’s) to allow them more critical focus on the products and services needed to support complex vehicle safety research requirements to help save lives and reduce injuries caused by traffic crashes. Knowledge of laws, regulation and terminology associated with simplified acquisitions, contracts, assistance agreements (grants and cooperative agreements), interagency agreements is critical to function successfully in the position. Knowledge of and understanding of the Federal acquisition process including techniques for contract procurement, and contract administration is also must.


As a Contract Officer Representative (COR), you will:

  • Assist the program technical staff in the Office of Vehicle Safety Research with procedural and administrative guidance through the acquisition life cycle. 
  • Assist the program technical staff with market research early in the planning process to ensure appropriate budget and acquisition of services and goods.
  • Assist the program technical staff in the development of statements of work and Independent Government Cost Estimates.
  • Assist, when requested, with completion of appropriate paperwork and submission to the Office of Acquisition Management. 
  • Support the agency’s annual budget execution planning and advises on preferred contracting methods to achieve program objectives.
  • Utilizing an agency tracking program, tracks and reports acquisition statuses for the Office of Vehicle Safety Research.
  • Enters project milestones and deliverables into tracking program and monitors acquisitions throughout the procurement phase.
  • As requested, works with the Vehicle Safety Research Contract Coordinator to ensure proper accounting of allocated funds.