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Reclamation is a contemporary water management agency. Reclamation is best known for Hoover Dam on the Colorado River, Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River, Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River, and Folsom Dam on the American River. Today we are the largest wholesaler of water in the country and the second largest producer of hydroelectric power in the western United States. Visit: and view our DVD titled "Traditions, Talent, and Teamwork" at:

Why search any longer - we have just the opportunity for you! Come, join us and become a vital part of our Surveys and Mapping Team. Serve as a cartographic technician who specializes in photogrammetry. This is an excellent opportunity to apply your photogrammetric experience in compiling and modifying topographic and planimetric maps for use in planning, design and construction of civil engineering structures and in geological and environmental projects. You will be a valued team member and your work will assist Reclamation in accomplishing its mission.

This is position is located in the Bureau of Reclamation's Mid-Pacific Region, Division of Design and Construction, Surveys and Mapping Branch, Sacramento, CA. For information on Sacramento, go to website:

Additional vacancies may be filled from this vacancy announcement.


Position may be filled at the GS-07, GS-8 or GS-9 level.  The GS-7 and GS-8duties are developmental in nature, leading to the full performance level of GS-9. The incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next level of the position upon meeting all regulatory requirements; certification by the supervisor of successful performance; completion of all training requirements; and the availability of work at the next higher grade level. Note: promotion is not automatic.

  • Operates BAE systems SOCET SET, Cardinal Systems VrOne digital-mapping software, and AutoCADD Civil 3D to create and edit aerial mapping planimetric and topographic details. Operates BAE systems SOCET SET softcopy stereoplotter, performing interior, relative, and absolute orientation and map compilation.
  • Develops manuscript mapping and finished drafting sheets. Considers most efficient use of control in establishing the proper drawing order.  Performs the horizontal and vertical aerotriangulation of strips to vertical aerial photographs.
  • Takes cross sections for construction pay quantities using vertical aerial or terrestrial photography. Sets up stereoscopic models by precise interior, relative and absolute orientation of stereo pairs in the plotting of instrument and precise selection and recording of cross-section data.
  • Prepares flight layout data for use in civil works design, flood plain studies, and hydrographic design. Analyzes design layout and topographic features and recommends appropriate technical flight specifications such as altitude, focal length, and overlay.
  • Receives, inspects, and indexes aerial photographs and negatives, some of questionable reliability requires extensive interpretation and analysis. Plots control on grid by precision measurements.
  • Investigates all source materials applicable to the area being mapped and mosaiced. Cross analyzes and evaluates information reconciling all conflicting data.
  • Checks contractors’ photogrammetric mapping for accuracy and completeness of detail.  Assist supervisor in setting deadlines, resource allocation, and work objectives based scope, complexity and detail of topographic and planimetric mapping work needed for planning, design, and construction projects.