Job Overview


The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is an independent office within the Department of Interior (DOI) whose mission is to promote excellence, integrity, and accountability throughout DOI. The OIG conducts investigations, evaluations, and audits in order to enhance effectiveness and efficiency and to prevent and detect waste, fraud, and mismanagement in DOI programs and operations.

This position is located in the Department of the Interior (DOI), Office of Inspector General (OlG), Office of Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (OI). The Office of Investigations manages, supervises, coordinates, and conducts investigations relating to DOI programs and operations, including, but not limited to, investigations of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement in such programs and operations and actual or suspected criminal activity or other wrongdoing by DOI employees, contractors, grantees, lessees, or any other persons or entities doing business with the DOI. The incumbent of this position serves as a Criminal Investigator responsible for conducting criminal investigations of various DOI program areas, and/or participating in extremely sensitive investigations and program reviews in support of the unit's mission.


The incumbent conducts criminal, civil, and/or administrative investigations that may be local, regional interregional, or department-wide in scope involving a wide range of criminal, civil and administrative investigative techniques. The incumbent independently plans and conducts the investigation, determining the most appropriate methods, procedures, precedents and techniques necessary to address unusual or unique situations. Conducts fact-finding and preliminary analysis of the request, complaint, or allegation in relation to appropriate laws, regulations, etc., to identify the issues involved and evidence needed. Establishes the relationship of facts and/or evidence in the case through questioning of principals and witnesses; taking sworn statements, securing related documents and other materials, as well as performing extensive record searches. Conducts interviews, takes affidavits from suspects and witnesses, and performs surveillance. Reports to the supervisor any possible flagrant and significant administrative and/or program weaknesses discovered during the fact-finding, interview and examination process. The investigator prepares investigative reports documenting observations, issues and findings preparing as needed periodic input regarding high profile cases for Departmental and Congressional reports. The incumbent plans and conducts surveillance activities, affects arrests, issues search warrants, and, testifies in court as a witness to events or to explain basic or routine procedures.

The incumbent coordinates, compiles, and prepares information to be used in preparation of the semiannual and other reports to Congress OMB as well as other internal and external reports required by the IG Act, the Department of the Interior, and Federal Regulations.