Job Overview




This position is located at the United States Property and Fiscal Office in Jefferson City, MO United States 1 vacancy

Incumbent will be assigned to Position Description Number D1627000 in SPMD 1522

APPOINTMENT FACTORS:  This is a Permanent Excepted Service position. This is a non-bargaining unit position.

NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED:  This is an Excepted position that requires active membership in a compatible skill in the Missouri Army National Guard and wear of the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not currently enlisted in the Missouri Army National Guard must be eligible for immediate enlistment or appointment. For enlistment/appointment information, contact 1-800-GO-GUARD (1-800-464-8273).

MILITARY REQUIREMENTS: Selected candidate will be required to be in a compatible military assignment prior to effective date of placement. Selected candidate must be MOS qualified within 12 months from date of appointment.

Warrant Officer – WMOS 255A, 255N, and 255S

Enlisted – MOS 25B, 25U, and 25Z

Supervisor must verify that selected individual occupies a compatible military position. Technicians will not be militarily senior to their full-time supervisor (grade inversion).

IMPORTANT NOTES: Permanent Change of Station (PCS) allowances are not authorized for this position. Required Security Clearance is Noncritical Sensitive.

Failure to complete management prescribed courses for full-time support personnel within the first year of employment or assignment, may be cause for reassignment or termination.


Reviews existing and anticipated future database systems including current automated systems, current data shortcomings, data requirements of the organization/function, the intricacies and provisions of available standardized systems, special organizational/functional data requirements/situations that don't conform to the provisions of existing standardized systems, and higher authority database system plans. Serves as the lead on teams assigned to study and resolve broad-based data management problems. Continuously coordinates studies and plans with organization managers as well as administrative and technical personnel at all levels. Recommends conversion to automated systems/databases where none currently exist or recommends modifications or workarounds to facilitate the satisfaction of organizational and functional needs within the overall provisions of standardized systems. Develops strategies to accommodate managers' data needs, prepares drafts for their review by the using organization(s), and incorporates their review comments and concerns. Prepares study summaries for comparison of alternatives pertinent to the economic justification of costs, time and equipment usage and generates complex queries and reports. Develops recommendations concerning major project ramifications and to offset adverse impacts. Develops work plans, program logic, special instructions, detailed process flow charts and data management needs. Monitors program development and tests and debugs programs. Develops and implements database management strategies for the backup and recovery of database information resulting from system operational and performance problems. Assigns studies or portions of studies and program development to team members or analysts hired under contract. Technically reviews completed work projects and provides technical assistance and guidance as required. Manages contracts with private computer firms concerning data systems application studies. Accomplishes all contract administration functions related to data management contracts including the review and signature of appropriate payment documents. Provides assistance, advice and guidance to organizational users, both in the administrative and technical areas, concerning the use of the multiple database management systems available for use. Coordinates with specialists and managers at higher National Guard Bureau levels to obtain information to interface with systems at those levels to facilitate the acquisition and exchange of database information. Serves as the state's data management representative at meetings and seminars both at the local and national level designed to arrive at solutions to mutual database management problems encountered and to provide knowledge and information concerning state-of- the-art techniques, software, and equipment. Interfaces with personnel within the same organization, local users, NGB, other agencies, and vendors in resolution of problems, recommendation of database application changes and system upgrading or enhancements. Provides interpretations of limited and/or conflicting regulations and guidance concerning database management and coordinates with appropriate personnel concerning the resolution of problem areas encountered. Interacts nationally with peers, vendors and other information systems (IS) sources to resolve database hardware/software problems. Using software-engineering techniques, designs new applications that enhance existing systems. Closely coordinates with the applications' owning agency personnel to ensure NGB and state compatibility and to recommend priorities for systems development and implementation. Ensures project coordination for the administration of all RDBMS software products (e.g. Oracle, Informix, SyBase, MS-Access, etc.) in support of required functions. Responsible for the introduction of new applications and ensures and establishes required users access and security procedures. Ensures compliance with plans, policies, standards, infrastructures, and architectures of RDBMS. Coordinates with other project leaders and managers at higher levels to obtain information to interface with systems at those levels to facilitate the acquisition and exchange of RDBMS information. Reviews and recommends operational procedures and software usage for the generation of alternate site file copy of essential Agency data files for continuity of operations. Responsible for the management oversight of quality assurance and system efficiency of all RDBMS systems by enforcing the prescribed RDBMS. Reviews and manages the implementation of RDBMS security provisions to ensure authorized access and integrity of the RDBMS. Ensures the application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices in the conduct and oversight of RDBMS, policy, and planning functions. Establishes policy for the use of the data and any access constraints applying to exclusive or shared file usage (in which system deadlock might occur). Develops and reviews the administration of file membership roles, file purge roles, file back-up procedures, and audit procedures. Serves as the technical expert for the definition and allocation of storage capacity requirements for the design of RDBMS. Performs oversight for design and modification of the storage structure and correlation between databases. Reviews the optimization of RDBMS configurations. Provides technical advice and coordinates the monitoring and tuning requirements for RDBMS optimization of performance. Performs high-level analysis of RDBMS operations to identify bottlenecks and takes action to resolve problems and ensure consistency. Manages the flow of data between the various tiers of the architecture. Investigates amount of storage space consumed, access time statistics and frequency of use for a given RDBMS. Reviews RDBMS accounting information and takes action to improve efficiency. Reviews report designs and authorizes the implementation of reports to analyze file statistics such as individual file size, usage counts, data last referenced, etc., in order to formulate better file management policy. Serves as the reviewing authority for the development and documentation of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for RDBMS development. Has oversight for the creation of new guidelines and recommends Engineering Change Proposal — Software (ECP-S) through proponent activity. Reviews written documentation to include user manuals, help files, and installation guides. Coordinates the demonstration of new and enhanced user applications to customers and management. Provides training on implementation, including classroom instruction and Computer Based Training (CBT) development. Troubleshoots problems involved in the input, retrieval or modification of database information and the general operation and maintenance pertinent to any of the organizations data system elements or sub-elements. Tests new DBMS software and implements updates and changes. Ensures resolution of DBMS inconsistencies across the installation in coordination with other information technology specialists and systems. Develops system backup and recovery plans for all maintained RDBMS applications. Performs other duties as assigned.