Job Overview


Vacancy Identification Number (VIN): 949424

Salary: Applicant's education and experience will be reviewed by a Professional Standards Board in determining the grade and salary of the applicant selected.  The recommended salary may be at any point in the range listed for this vacancy.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) needs employees who possess the energy, compassion, and commitment to serve those who serve our Country. Whatever the job title, every position in VA will give you a chance to make a meaningful and personal contribution to the lives of truly special and deserving people - our Veterans.

Working for VA is one of the most emotionally satisfying and professionally rewarding ways to dedicate the best within you to your country's service.

If you are transitioning from the military or a Veteran already, we invite you to explore the benefits of continuing your career at the VA. The VA is committed to hiring Veterans.

The VA is much more than just another employer. It is an honorable, open and welcoming community of those who care. Gratitude is our motivation and service is our mission.

The VA has adopted Core Values and Characteristics that apply universally across the Department. The five Core Values define "who we are," our culture, and how we care for Veterans, their families and other beneficiaries. The Values are Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence (" I CARE").

America's Veterans need you!

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NOTE : This is a TERM appointment (not-to-exceed 4 yrs). Term appointments are non-status, nonpermanent appointments of limited duration. Term employees are eligible to earn leave and generally have the same benefits as permanent employees including health and life insurance, within-grade increases and Federal Employees Retirement System and Thrift Savings Plan coverage. Term appointments may be extended without further competition.

This position is assigned to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) National Center for Organization Development (NCOD) Office located in Cincinnati, OH. Major duties and responsibilities include:

  • Serves as the authoritative source and principal advisor in the area of organizational development psychology;
  • Works in the areas of competency modeling and assessment, organizational development and cultural transformation, report and statistical interpretation, communications strategy and planning, instructional systems design and implementation, program evaluation and training and development;
  • Develops and uses assessment tools for employee development, measuring the impact of various variables on performance and competency, early identification of managerial potential, personlity assessment and emphasis on alternatives to cognitive abilities testing;
  • Offers assessment services to the organization and to employees including expert knowledge of psychometry, vocational assessment, 360 degree assessment, 180 assessment, simulations, coaching and mentoring and the implementation of indiviual development plans;
  • Development of measurement concepts and tools including written tests, coaching and mentoring methods to assess and facilitate candidates readiness for executive leadership, methods for measuring and assessing experience, performance based recruitment and interviewing, employment references, employee attitudes, etc; and
  • Performs other duties as assigned;

Work Schedule: Full time, flexible schedule may be available. Travel may be required.

SALARY RANGE: Salary will be recommended by a Professional Standards Board and will conform to the locality pay in effect at the host facility for the individual selected.

NOTE: This position requires the completion of a Dependent Credentialing process (Vetpro). Submission of your credentials in the VetPro Credentialing System is required of all VHA licensed, registered, and certified health care providers. This system is used nationwide at all VHA healthcare facilities.

DESIGNATED DRUG-TESTING POSITION :   Applicants tentatively selected for VA employment in a testing designated position are subject to urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment.  Applicants who refuse to be tested will be denied employment with VA.  Applicants will not be appointed to the position if a verified positive drug test result is received.

****Relocation expenses and/or incentives have not been authorized****