Job Overview


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This position is located at navy Consolidated Brig (NAVCONBRIG) which is an adult correctional facility in which personnel of both sexes (primarily male), up to a maximum of 400 persons, may be confined to serve sentences imposed by appropriate military authority. The incumbent exercises normal safety and personal security practices required when working in a correctional setting. The purpose of this position is to plan, implement, supervise one-on-one individual and group counseling, treatment, and training sessions with prisoners on a regular routine basis as the major part of duties based on needs of the prisoners and the brig resources


  • Building partnerships with local medical facilities including civilian hospital psychological departments to help facilitate treatments.
  •  Enforcing rules and regulations governing operation of a correctional institution.
  • Facilitating post-incarceration asymptomatic pro-social behavior in prisoners.
  • Delivering psychological services to prisoners who are experiencing difficulty adjusting to incarceration or exhibiting problem behavior.
  • Administering psychological tests and evaluating results.