Job Overview


IMCOM will synchronize, integrate, and deliver installation services and sustain facilities in support of Senior Commanders in order to enable a ready and resilient Army.

Amend Vacancy Announcement to show on Duty Locations: 2 vacancies in the following location: Fort Sam Houston, TX United States".

Also, Payment of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs is authorized, based on a determination that a PCS move is in the Government interest.

You can apply for this position using the following options (you must have a resume or use the NAF Optional Application to apply):

1.  Preferred - Apply electronically via USAJOBS - This will ensure faster processing of your application.  You will also receive faster status updates. 

Please upload all required documents.  Uploaded documents will be processed through the system. You are encouraged to monitor your application status.  *You can download the app to your smart phone for easy access and convenience!

2.  Fax your resume (and supporting documentation) to (478)757-3144.  The following link will take you to the cover sheet which must be included with the faxed resume or application

NOTE: Faxed documents take 2-3 business days to process before they are available in the system for HR to view.

To complete the job related questions obtain the Form 1203FX by going to the following link This form must be faxed as a part of your application package for you to be considered for a job.

You are highly encouraged to provide all supporting documentation prior to closure of the vacancy announcement.  This will speed up the process to consider you for the job if you meet the minimum qualification requirements.

IMPORTANT!: Applicants that chose option #1 or #2 as outlined above, must still complete the job related questions either online or manually (faxed) prior to the closing date of the vacancy announcement.  If you wish to complete them online, go to the 'apply online' button on the vacancy announcement.  If you wish to complete them manually, print the full

occupational questionnaire directly from the vacancy announcement and complete and fax the 1203-FX form ( to (478)757-3144.

Neglecting to respond to the job related questions will result in an ineligible rating.  You may contact the servicing CPAC NAF DIVISION identified on the vacancy announcement for additional assistance.

Serves as CYS Services Program Manager and subject matter expert with the Central Region Functional Integrator Direct Support Team (DST) responsible for Child Development Care, School Age Care, Middle School/Teen, School Support Services, Parent and Outreach Services and Community Based Programs.

Amend Vacancy Announcement to show on Duty Locations: 2 vacancies in the following location: Fort Sam Houston, TX United States"


Provides specific project officer support to Army-operated and Army-sponsored programs resulting from CYS initiatives. Develops and revises policy directives, plans, and operational materials for Army-wide implementation of child and youth programs. Provides personnel management, administrative, logistical, and technology support in furtherance of the Directorate mission. Executes Directorate effort to provide technical assistance through training workshops, process action teams, on-site visits, and inspections. Develops and communicates the strategic/key messages for CYS programs through the written/visual mediums (such as information and staff papers, slides, reports, flyers, and brochures). Represents and speaks for the Army on child and youth issues. Develops contract specifications for program materials and services. Performs electronic file management and updates the professional resource library materials pertinent to the Directorate's mission. Responsible for development and update of designated child and youth technical and procedural manuals and training courses, and assumes other duties as assigned to support Directorate operations.

Includes other related duties as assigned.