Job Overview


NASA, the world's leader in space and aeronautics is always seeking outstanding scientists, engineers, and other talented professionals to carry forward the great discovery process that its mission demands. Creativity - Ambition - Teamwork - A sense of Daring - and a Probing Mind - That's what it takes to join NASA, one of the best places to work in the Federal Government.

The NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) is an independent audit and investigative organization that conducts objective oversight of NASA programs and operations and independently reports to the Administrator, Congress, and the public to further the Agency's accomplishment of its mission. The OIG
consists of approximately 200 auditors, analysts, specialists, investigators, attorneys, and support staff at
NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, and NASA Centers throughout the U.S.

This Editor position will be filled under the NASA
Pathways Recent Graduate Program.

This position will be filled at the GS-9 grade level with promotion potential to GS-13. Salary for GS-9 begins at $51,630.

To receive consideration, you must submit a resume and answer NASA-specific questions. The NASA questions appear after you submit your resume and are transferred to a NASA web site. If you successfully apply, USAJOBS will show your application status as 'resume received - complete.' If your status is
'Application Started,' you have not successfully applied. Do not rely on a USAJOBS email to confirm successful application only an email from NASA confirms a successful application.

Also to receive consideration for your education, your resume MUST contain your complete degree information (i.e., type of degree received, year degree received, G.P.A, and major area of study).You MUST include the descriptive title, and number of semester/quarter hours. If this information is not provided, your education may not be appropriately
evaluated and you may lose consideration for this position. Please note that degrees in engineering technology are not considered to be qualifying for this position. If you are selected for this position, you will have to provide an official copy of your transcripts prior to entering on duty.


Participates in the NASA Recent Graduate Pathways Program. The incumbent will participate in a formal training programs consisting of specialized training designed to accelerate an employee to the full performance level. Participant completes assigned duties, tasks, readings, and developmental activities specified in the program. Some programs consist of formal rotational periods of study and work. Program participants receive formal periodic assessments of progress.

The Recent Graduates Program affords developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in the civil service to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. Successful applicants are placed in a dynamic developmental program with the potential to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government.

- This is a one year appointment in the excepted service which may lead, at the agency¿s discretion, to a term or permanent appointment in the competitive service.
- Recent Graduate will enter a formal training program with a mentor and execute an Individual Development Plan outlining training requirements and program expectations.
- Recent Graduates must receive a t least 40 hours of formal training directly linked to their employment field.
- Recent Graduates serve a trail period for the duration of their expected service appointment.
- Recent Graduates will be required to sign a Pathways Recent Graduate Participant Agreement

Duties at the full performance level involve correspondence and publications; ensuring that written products, including reports, can be readily understood by the intended audience; that these accurately convey findings and recommendations; that the message is clear and compelling; and that the conclusions are logically developed.

Other duties and responsibilities may include:
- Serves as the principle advisor to the Office of Audits on matters pertaining to the format, content, and style of written products.
- Develops, prepares and processes publications including, but not limited to: technical articles; news releases; information flyers; brochures; reports and inputs to reports.
- Assist with the development and implementation of policy and procedures on the format, content and style of written products as a critical part of the overall audit quality control process.
- Assists in product development, reviews outlines and drafts, consults with and advises the teams to help ensure that the analysis and reporting meet OIG quality standards.
- Analyzes written and analytic information to support the development of visual illustrations that help the reader gain an understanding of the data by translating information into a visual representation.
- Reviews all OA reports prior to issuance to ensure the reports meet the highest quality standards and either complies with established policies and procedures or clearly identify where and why deviations occurred to more appropriately communicate results.