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Serves as a special staff officer to the installation commander and administers, oversees and is recognized as the subject matter expert (SME) on the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program at an installation with Marine population of more than 20,000. Serves as the primary point of contact on SAPR case reporting requirements, victim care and coordination of training. Major duties for the Installation Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) include ensuring program quality assurance, advising commanders, providing direct and indirect services, ensuring services are available 24/7 for victims of sexual assault, training SAPR personnel, and reporting, as required by DOD Policy.

Supports the installation commander, tenant commanders and command SARCS to ensure an integrated and transparent response capability and system accountability. Oversees day-to-day operations, authorized and funded by the agency, and makes recommendations to ensure compliance with: mission, function, operation, activity, laws, rules and regulations. Works with various divisions and agencies to ensure resources are maximized for the benefit of the program. Monitors trends and activities and takes appropriate action to mitigate risks and improve services provided. Performs work and develops reports requiring a working knowledge of legal and regulatory statutes as they relate to varied sexual assault incidents, counseling and medical support situations, law enforcement actions, records and database management requirements, and training.

Provides direct supervision to the assigned SAPR Victim Advocates and oversees coordination of Uniformed Victim Advocates supporting the installation or tenant command SAPR programs. Ensures that victims receive responsive and continuous care with timely access to appropriate services. The installation SARC will support the command SARCs in their efforts to provide quality victim care. Reports to the installation Behavioral Health Branch of Marine Corps Community Services for administrative purposes, and is supervised by the installation commander on the status of the SAPR program, issues, trends, and effectiveness of local case management and installation climate. Maintains liaison with commanders, military law enforcement, military criminal investigative organizations, uniform victim advocates, and civilian victim advocates. Serves as the subject matter expert for all sexual assault issuesand may represent the installation commander on committees, working groups, conferences and community meetings. Collaborates with installation legal representatives, as needed, for clarification on local, state, federal or Department of Defense policies and directives impacting the sexual assault program or other matters relating to reporting and victim advocacy.

Establish a collaborative relationship with Family Advocacy Program (FAP) to ensure a coordinated response and support capability is maximized forthe scope of victim services.

Oversees the installation SAPR 24/7 Helpline and, as required, collaborates with FAP to support shared Helpline response capability. Ensures the line is manned by specified trained personnel (SARCs and UVAs/VAs) authorized to offer victims required confidentiality and services. Cross-training on domestic violence related issues may be required.

Oversees and is responsible for the content of the SAPR section of the installation website.

Responsible for conducting initial and refresher SAPR training for Victim Advocates (VAs) and command SARCs and leadership training for command teams. Maintains a calendar of ongoing SAPR training for installation personnel, unit leaders and deploying personnel. Assists command SARCs and commanders to ensure annual SAPR training requirements are met and properly documented. Oversees training for the members of the installation multi-disciplinary case management group. Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of Master Training Teams, as needed. Responsible for the development of installation-specific SAPR protocols for installation first responders, to include training and relevant documentation.

Develops and manages the installation’s prevention and support programming for sexual assault in collaboration with the installation Behavioral Health Branch or Marine and Family Programs Division. Provides professional advisory services and training to health care professionals, chaplains, judge advocates, law enforcement and representatives of community agencies concerning primary and secondary prevention programs. Develops and plans programs, guidelines and budgets geared to installation population and available support organizations. Collaborates with local community crisis counseling centers, as needed, to augment or enhance their SAPR Program. Facilitates the development and collaboration of installation SAPR public awareness campaigns to include planning of local events.

Promotes the SAPR program by encouraging victims to come forward for services, and oversees development of installation education campaigns promoting prevention, victim rights and advocacy services. Ensures the integration of SAPR training, promotions, assessments, etc., into the installation Behavioral Health Branch or Marine and Family Programs Division strategic goals and objectives.

Establishes protocols for collection of specified data, to include but not limited to service referrals, and is responsible for the timely and accurate input of the data into the Sexual Assault Incident Reporting Database (SAIRD) , the Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database (DSAID) or other USMC/DOD sanctioned databases or case management system, as required. Ensures compliance with DON and USMC. Co-chairs the installation multi-disciplinary case management group and oversees execution of case management recommendations. Ensures victims are provided with regular updates on case disposition.

Coordinates with command SARCs to establish and maintain official protocols to facilitate the timely exchange of information between installation victim support agencies and/or other commands/activities on cases involving sexual assault (e.g., Memorandums of Agreement or Understanding (MOA/MOU) s, and/or Inter Service Support Agreements (ISAs)).

Coordinates with installation Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) and with Naval Criminal Investigations Service (NCIS) to monitor medical and investigative personnel compliance with DoD policy regarding training of providers, treatment of sexual assault victims and handling of evidence (i.e., conduct of the Sexual Assault Forensics Examination (SAFE) and processing of the sexual assault evidence kit according to protocol).

Coordinates with agencies outside the Installation in the local community to ensure continuity of care for victims. Integrates activities that require negotiation with representatives inside and outside the organization, and resolution of conflicts and controversial disputes over applicability of guidelines and operation of programs. Drafts and implements Memorandum’s of Agreement with organizations inside and outside the installation.

Coordinates with the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) trial and defense counsel and ensures compliance with required SAPR baseline training. Assists SJA in the execution of the Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP). Monitors VWAP councils and collaborates with Victim Witness Liaison Officers (VWLO) and Victim Witness Assistance Coordinators (VWAC) to advocate for the special concerns and issues surrounding sexual assault victims.

Handles sensitive information that is proprietary, privileged, confidential or otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. Safeguards sensitive information and prevents unauthorized reading, printing, retaining, copying or dissemination of information, messages, or correspondence in accordance with rules and regulations such as those covered by the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552(a), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Public Law 104-191, and DoD Directive 6025.18. Notifies the higher level supervisor and senders immediately when proprietary information has been released and advises on how to properly recover, and/or protect information. Evaluates confidentiality and reporting requirements that could cause inappropriate release or disclosure of victim’s identity and/or personal information, and issues that may require an evaluation of the possibility of legal action and the effect of potential adverse administrative action by the Marine Corps or other agencies.

Implements protocol to evaluate attainment of program goals and objectives, and compliance with DoD, DON, and USMC policy with emphasis on quality analysis of installation procedures, database management, victim support services and regulatory compliance. Ensures timely responses to TASKERS from Higher Headquarters. Responsible for articulating and promoting the program’s goals, strategies and achievements, as required.

Formulates, administers and monitors the budget for the program. Compares current and historical data to determine trends and anticipate future requirements. Funding for the program will be provided via the Behavioral Health Branch or Marine Corps Community Services.

Due to the nature of work in this position, the incumbent may serve in an “on call” duty status outside of normal work hours that includes: remaining in a reasonable call back radius, carrying a cell phone or pager, or regularly checking email to respond to emergencies; remaining in a state of readiness to perform work with limitations on pursuing outside leisure activities; and/or reporting to a designated post of duty to be ready to or perform work.

All other related duties assigned, as required. Local travel is required.